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New Pellet Stoves Designed for MCZ by World-Class Designers


The MCZ brand, a leading stove and fireplace manufacturer, has decided to bring major international designers together to design three of its new products for 2019: on 31 March, in Milan, the stoves by Patricia Urquiola and Michael Geldmacher and the fireplace cladding designed by Paola Navone were presented exclusively to the press and to European distributors.

mcz reflex michael geldmacher 2

mcz reflex michael geldmacher 3

‘Working with designers with extensive experience in the furniture industry has allowed us to bring fire back to the forefront of the latest living trends,’ explains Andrea Brosolo, Marketing Director of MCZ Group. ‘An increasing number of consumers want homes that are beautiful to live in, in a broad sense, therefore cosy, energy-efficient, healthy and sustainable. The revival of the domestic fire fits perfectly into this trend.’

mcz reflex michael geldmacher 1

In the heating sector, the MCZ brand stands out among those that have worked hardest to make a technical and functional object such as a stove or fireplace blend in with homes and furniture. This journey began in 2010, when MCZ received the IF Design Award for the Toba model, the first major international award for a pellet stove, thus radically changing the way we perceive this object. ‘This year we have been working on three innovative projects at the same time,’ Brosolo continues, ‘by teaming up with three international design brands that offered an alternative and original point of view.’

mcz paola navone sahara 5

The designers involved were keen to take part in this project, since the fire sector is a novelty for all three of them and because of its interesting emotional content and environmental sustainability issues. The final result is a sophisticated and advanced reinterpretation of an object combining aesthetics and technology. An architectural perspective by Patricia Urquiola, who designed the Wall stove for MCZ. A poetic and essential reinterpretation by Michael Geldmacher, who designed the Reflex stove.

mcz paola navone sahara 4

mcz paola navone sahara 6

Paola Navone, who was entrusted with designing the Sahara fireplace cladding, has an unconventional and material approach. MCZ teams up with Patricia Urquiola, Paola Navone and Michael Geldmacher to offer a new approach on the theme of “fire” As a preview to the Salone del Mobile, the new products created by the three designers for the Italian company were presented at The Mall in Milan.

mcz wall patricia urquiola 7

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