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30 m2 Studio Apartment by Batlab Architects


A trendy decor composition form a location we do not get the chance to explore often – Hungary. This design project by Batlab architects gives a stylish and restrained read on some of the modern decor tendencies quite explored on the world’s design scene.


A new generation decor for small urban place – this studio apartment composition present us with clever juxtaposition between the soft (almost ethereal) textures and the robust feel of the concrete floors all arranged on the backdrop of a puritan, shining white base. Unique furniture elements and bespoke structures compose the small space’s stylish ambiance. Curtain system gives a symbolic separation between different zones and functions while introducing a delicate and soft decor element into the prevailing whiteness and smooth surfaces composition.


Drack oak structures like the custom-made kitchen unit – which can be hidden behind sliding curtain if not in use- or the stylish book-shelf, media-set unit in the living space give a warm focal accent to the sleek furniture elements composed from either steel elements or shining white surfaces. Beautiful lighting solutions introduce glamor and fashionable touch to the minimalist interior.


Trendy and iconic design pieces – like the Vitra wooden bird sculpture add a charming contemporary individuality to the tiny apartment’s arrangement. A specially designed bed- box hosts the sleeping area into a modern and minimalist ambiance with unique and clever sliding panels’ construction. Photos by Norbert Juhász;