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Marco Seafood Restaurant


Thin, metal, jazz – this seafood-inspired restaurant in Jaffa’s Flea market uses amazing raw industrial materials (form the exposed concrete structures to the abandoned swimming pool-like tile cladding) in combination with fishing nets, macramé and mellow pink metal constructs to soften the ambiance.

marco restaurant jaffa flee market 4

marco restaurant jaffa flee market 3

The designers of the place Naomi Szwec and Noa Ben Yehuda used playful colors, unusual materials, and original structures to archive a unique and fresh atmosphere for the ultimate seafood experience in a friendly environment. The layout offers a variety of options – fun bar time, casual by the window soare or, although the overall feel of the decor is industrial and urban, there are also more intimate sitting options.

marco restaurant jaffa flee market 7

Trendy and fashionable touches like the suspended from the ceiling metal constructs hosting greenery (a decor approach with strong presence on the urban decor scene in the last few seasons) or the metal meshes separating tables are successfully combined with hand-made braided hanging lampshades, inspired by fishing nets, and other artistic details giving the place individuality and dynamic spark.

marco restaurant jaffa flee market 8

The center of the place is used for a sculptural metal structure of a rectangular open bar surrounded by flamingo like tall, pink, thin metal bar stools. Beautiful and playful green plants hang around giving a fresh feel to the row concrete and the shining tales.

marco restaurant jaffa flee market 5

The rear of the place is occupied by more privet tables setting – the dynamic juxtaposition between the half and half – cement tile composition on the walls is wonderfully supplemented and softened by the green accents and the splashes of playful colors: red, pink and turquoise – giving a light and jazzy feel to the place.  Photos by Ido Adan;

marco restaurant jaffa flee market 9

marco restaurant jaffa flee market 1

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