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Interior Design Trends for 2021


Being this time of the year when one looks in the past for inspiration and in the feature with the hopes of new one wonders what will the new season bring? One of the trends that left a strong impression upon the fashion industry and now in interior design is the sparkle of the 70’s night disco club in combination with the luxury, velvet softness and oblong volumes from the ’80s. But besides the nostalgic hint, those artistic impressions carry, what lies ahead? What will the feature bring? How will we (and our home environment) change and evolve?

organic retro stylistic living room trend

Image credit: Note Design Studio

Being an optimist, I expect that the upcoming 2020-2021 season will bring greener and more sustainable initiatives, which will guarantee exquisite beauty and style but without the harmful consequences for nature. One of the most exciting prospects and examples for the upcoming 2021 are the innovative experiments of the industry and the designers to create unusual and new materials based on recycling, alternative technologies and a well-balanced approach between nature and technologies.

nilson sofa lievore altherr

Image credit: Verzelloni

Many innovative companies and young designers already experiment with the usage of leftover materials, the reuse of what others consider garbage and the creation of innovative materials and trends. The usage of natural materials like seagrass, bamboo or corn has already a strong niche and influence over the production of modern furniture elements and decor details.

greener more sustainable initiatives

Image credit: Mater

New, intriguing and creativity inspiring details of this “reuse-reduce-recycle” approach in the interior decor, become the recycling of electronic components and auto-technologies. But, of course, the most important aspect for all industries is to reduce the usage of plastic and to recycle the existing one – especially considering the enormous patched of plastic found in oceans and water bodies all over the world. This recycling transformation of harmful and polluting garbage into functional and stylish furniture details is already a strong trend with wonderful examples. The arising awareness and social consciousness about the ecological problems threatening our planet influence the industry to produce accordingly. Many people also start to search and choose locally manufactured items and handcrafted elements, form small local firms or directly from the producer, which gives a whole new read on the expression “creating a home”.

luxury marble brass bathroom decor

Image credit: Mim Design

So, two tendencies occur (contradictory ones, at first glance) – the search for luxury and the need for sustainability and gentile exploration of natural resources. How will both combine in the feature of interior design? What is the golden middle ground? That is one of the questions we will research in our article for the feature design trends in 2021.

skylab architecture hybrid home mixed use space

Image credit: Skylab Architecture

The other significant topic is the new tendencies of modern urban living – how the needs of the new middle class can be meet accordingly. The increasing dynamics of city lifestyle requires more of its limited space. The digitalization of work and flexible working schedules permit more and more people to work from home, which gives the designers the challenge of creating homes with a special working areas integrated into the home’s design. A sustainable and challenging trend that requires creative design solutions. The urban homes become hybrids – apart from the traditional spaces for rest, entertainment and daily activities a new space for work and creative inspirations is needed. What a challenge?

apartments melbourne

Image credit: Milieu Property

Another significant change in modern home design becomes the integrated living space: kitchen and sitting area- which will allow people to prepare food while socializing. An open floor plan of kitchen, dining and living zones is a new “must” for modern life’s dynamic. Socializing whilst cooking is a new trend that finds its creative and stylish solutions. Such a distribution of living space is also quite helpful for young families with small children allowing them to keep an eye to the kids while preparing food.

milieu property apartments melbourne edition office

Image credit: Milieu Property

The new search for healthier and more dynamic lifestyle form healthy food consummation to mobility during office hours- is another significant trend of the feature. What makes the employers and office designers to integrate fitness items into the traditional work environment – you can explore in depth here…

apartments melbourne 1

Image credit: Milieu Property

To summon up: leisure time furniture elements and comfort inviting items are still very welcome in the living room premises- spacious and comfy. The bedrooms are a perfect space to introduce some luxury and decadent glamour -velvet, sparkling metal details, marble and other luxurious materials are very hot in the bedrooms design. If you like the oblong shapes, bright colors and disco sparkle of the 70’s and 80’s now is your time to introduce them into the living rooms design. The heavy textile, draperies, velvet textures and canopy beds have their Renaissance in the bedrooms’ settings of the future.

luxury velvet oblong volumes sofa 80s

Image credit: Le Klint

Do you still cook, or do you live in your kitchen?

The shift of the family’s dynamics and lifestyle of modern homeowners puts the kitchen into the heart of the home –thus creating a new style of open-floor arrangement and fluid motion between different functional zones. Here is one stylish and trendy example of how the fluid sequence of rooms composes a comfortable living space that offers intriguing design solution for multidimensional lifestyle.

studio truly truly open hub like kitchen

Image credit: Studio Truly Truly

The project by Studio Truly Truly is composed by open hub-like construction of “living kitchen” designated by bright yellow, metro tiles surfaces and columns, surrounding the stainless-steel volumes. This stylish home hart is arranged in the middle of a practical sequence of living premises: comfy sitting zone, cheerful dining area and modern-minimalism for working office space. Trendy design furniture elements compose the fittings in the working zone by Grohe, the freestanding kitchen by Alpes Inox and the agile transforming kitchen table that also becomes counter or a bench according to the need of the inhabitants.

studio truly truly open kitchen center home

Image credit: Studio Truly Truly

Hide it if you can. In this exhibition project for Living Kitchen we can observe two important tendencies of modern home design: first – most definitely the kitchen becomes the center of the home; situated midst open social areas – because modern people like to combine the preparation and consumption of food with social and family-time activities. And second: the agile, movable and tidy furniture elements become essential for kitchen areas. If you can use sliding doors, hidden movable constructs to achieve a tidy and clear-lined kitchen design, why not?

studio truly truly das haus 2

Image credit: Studio Truly Truly

Here we have one magnificent example of the second trend – functional, linear storage construct that provides many uses, including general storage, a TV cabinet, and a custom-designed kitchen all of which can be concealed behind two sliding panels.

modern lifestyle mixed use space

Image credit: i29 interior architects

This beautiful design project by i29 interior architects is shaped around a simple materials palette selection including fresh oak wood, white plastered walls, dark blue and black furniture pieces, and light gray floors. It creates a clean, linear and cohesive environment in which modern lifestyle activities can unfold with ease.

open hub like kitchen

Image credit: i29 interior architects

functional house project open kitchen

Image credit: i29 interior architects

Hybrid Homes – Living and Working

Because of dynamic modern lifestyle requirements, architects and designers nowadays are challenged with more complex spatial distribution, aiming to reflect the client’s demands, hobbies and preferences. The traditional separation of common areas, rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms no longer works for modern homes. The designers are presented with an interesting challenge to combine work with pleasure and relaxation and to merge the private life of the home’s inhabitants with more public and open programs, generating exciting mixed-use spaces. Hybrid homes- the new normal.

hybrid homes new deco trend idin architects

Image credit: IDIN Architects

idin architectshybrid homes new deco trend

Image credit: IDIN Architects

Hybrid home with more than one function – home, office and library in one like this interesting home project in Thailand hides under its smooth wooden surfaces many intriguing solutions. On the first place, the JB House project conceals the fact that although it looks spacious the home is relatively small.

hybrid homes new deco trend idin architects 1

Image credit: IDIN Architects

hybrid home office idin architects

Image credit: IDIN Architects

The architects from IDIN Architects created a pure and smooth ambiance that uses wooden panels, levels, and surfaces to conceal the different functional zones like the kitchen, media set, working space and upper-level workplace and library – every space is quite flexible in its use. Creating in this way multi functional home that combines several activities in one area without compromising with the exquisite interior decor composition and stylistics.

hybrid home office exercise room

Image credit: Naturehumaine

Another project composed by wooden volumes which offer multi functional and hybrid distribution of living space – home, office, and gym in one. Following the primary goal of creating a shared living space in which all utilitarian functions are shared but which still allows each person to have privacy, the designer from nature humane created three pockets of double height space.

hybrid home office gym

Image credit: Naturehumaine

An office and dining area occupy the tall spaces while the center is used for exercise. The central wooden block accommodates different services, including stairways, a shower room and part of the kitchen. Dynamic and pure home composition with unusual angles and natural materials palette.

hybrid home office exercise room 1

Image credit: Naturehumaine

This tiny 16 sqm. Parisian apartment is turned into a highly effective and stylish home-work-studio for two Italian architects – Enrico Bona and Elisa Nobile.

16 sqm apartment workplace

Image credit: EDB Studio

The minimalist and stylish line of the central white box constructs in the limited apartment space hosts hidden niches, folding up beds and mini tables on one side of the structure. On the other side – near the entrance, a cozy kitchenette niche is equipped with all necessary commodities for a dynamic urban lifestyle. Artistic and functional arrangement in a simple lined shell – a home and architectural studio in one.

hybrid home more than one function

Image credit: EDB Studio

edb studio 16 sqm apartment workplace 4

Image credit: EDB Studio

Tiny Homes

A concept that will have its strong presence and creative development in the upcoming season for 2020-2021 as well. Whether it is a movement in response to ideological, social or financial situations, architects have become more involved in the development of practical and innovative solutions for small spaces. The alluring prospect of living in the heart of dynamic urban centers with all the rich possibilities that such a location offers creates a challenge before the home creators to design sufficient and functional housing programs for spaces under 40 m2. We continue to explore the creative way in which modern designers face this challenge.

functional housing project space under 40m2

Image credit: corpo atelier

functional housing projects spaces under 40m2

Image credit: corpo atelier

The luminous whiteness of this studio apartment in Vilamoura, Portugal, uses the strong focal impact of three bright yellow objects to punctuate the different distribution of living space. Blurring the borders between architecture and sculpture the architects form Corpo Atelier juxtaposed the shining texture of the marble cladding to the playful plasticity of the yellow volumes to designate different functions of the living space arrangement inside of the white box. Offering warm and vital accents to the otherwise minimalist in colors and shapes – an arrangement the designers achieved easy going and functional decor for a very limited space.

double height space 33 sqm flat

Image credit: Phoebe Sayswow Architects

This project located in Taipei, Taiwan and carried out by Phoebe Sayswow Architects uses the partial double height of the 33 sqm flat to create a dynamic and flexible modern atmosphere that carries the pure and simple stylistic of modern Asian decor compositions, all into a tiny urban shell.

double height space 33 sqm flat 1 1

Image credit: Phoebe Sayswow Architects

The limited livable space is divided into three levels: a smooth, tile-clad transition between bathroom, dining and kitchen zones leads by two comfy looking stair-benches securing the development to the living room area. Here warm light wood floors and sculpturally impressive cube shaped library offers dynamic yet pure and simple stylistics. At the lowest level of the home composition the intriguing contrast between the luminous white tiles and their muted-pink fugues gives a playful and trendy twist to the whole decor composition.

apartment paintit studio 2

Image credit: PAINTIT

Limited urban space – not a problem. This imaginative project of the young Ukrainian studio PAINTIT presents us with unusual and stylish interior decor for two identical apartments, designated for renting. A result of the collaboration and trust between the designers and the owners the decor projects give us an inspired read on limited budget and custom made decor elements.

apartment paintit studio 1

Image credit: PAINTIT

apartment paintit studio 6

Image credit: PAINTIT

Using glass divisions (fashionably framed with thin black metal frames), partial walls that do not extend up to the ceiling and other visual tricks of the decor composition (in this count the dynamic arrangement of larger elements – like the sofa Tetris – enveloping the corner between kitchen and sitting areas) help the designers to achieve spaciousness and free feel for the limited space of the apartments.

apartment paintit studio 4

Image credit: PAINTIT

Materials and Colors

The search for natural, organic and sustainable has its strong effect upon the manufacture of materials, textures, and colors which contemporary designers use to compose our homes. Handmade a substantial and worthy trend in late – has its impact on all aspects of life. It allows traditions and unique techniques to be preserved and brings unique beauty into any decor composition.

pontile modular shelving system interiorzine trends

Image credit: Novamobili

fild minimal furniture color design trend

Image credit: FILD

mizetto storage room furniture

Image credit: Mizetto

The demise of digitally printed fabrics in favor of real embroidery, thick wool bouclés, linens, and all other nature and craft inspired elements introduce into the modern decor arrangements is something to rejoice at. The unexpected and creative details like elaborately embossed wall coverings or the natural feel of cork and bamboo wall paneling and papers – made surfaces give a beautiful tactile sensation to modern ambiances.

color design trend 3D ceramic tiles florim

Image credit: Florim

Of course, the traditional presence of other natural materials is not to decline – marble, stone and crafty ceramic elements (especially as handmade, hand-decorated artisan tiles) are still to be viewed as a rich textural addition and a trendy element for the decors of the feature. They offer not only a natural and organic atmosphere for our homes but also add a rich textural and tactile insertion for the composition of luxury space.

waste bin design offices

Image credit: Mizetto

modular furniture elements mizetto

Image credit: Mizetto

mizetto mote bistro trend deco

Image credit: Mizetto

Rich textural expressions will be the theme of the upcoming season – velvet upholsteries, hemp curtains, cork walls and plywood, wicker and jute for our furniture and finishes – think rich and organic. And speaking of furniture – classic furniture pieces will be re-edition and retro elements with new materials expression will take a significant stand on the scene.

classic furniture pieces will re edition

Image credit: Pedrali

In the colors department soft and faintly retro shades of peach, pale pink and pistachio will give a fantastic backup for the organic and natural materials selection. An intriguing color shade is picking up a speed and offers unexpectedly warm nuance – the deep ochre yellow is becoming something of a tonal peacemaker, treading a conciliatory line between full on color and calm neutral and it offers a new take on adaptability. So to summon up – warm and sexy shades, rich tactile sensations, intelligent surfaces, lightweight constructions, and ecological materials rank high among the current trends.

double bed kier nunc

Image credit: NUNC

Wonder how rich ornamental tradition and craftsmanship translates into modern, playful and minimalist design?  Take a look at this inspired new collection of the Croatian design brand NUNC presented at 2019 Imm Cologne. Underlining the intriguing contrast between rational and geometrical forms and warm earth- provided materials and soft textures the versatile collection of the young studio give us a fascinating translation of organic traditions into contemporary utilitarian shapes.

room divider taraba nunc

Image credit: NUNC

Living Room 2020/2021

To keep up with the natural materials, earthly tonalities and organic retro stylistic of the new season the shapes of the main furniture elements also evolve – gone are the straight, rigidly boxy lines, smooth curves, undulated lines, and soft edges are rising up. And do not forget – the classic furniture pieces will be re-edition because real beauty and timeless style never die.

trend decoding seventies style 1

Image credit: COR

And speaking of timeless metal accent sparkle is still on the design scene for living room decor compositions for the upcoming 2021. Adding a hint of glamor and luxury by introducing bronze, gold, and chrome metallic elements and details such as decorative elements, wallpapers, furniture, soft furnishings, mirrors, and accessories is very much in tune with the mood of modern design. The Rose Gold is taking a step back, though.

laid back glamor of 70s

Image credit: COR

organic retro stylistic living room interiorzine

Image credit: Stone Designs

And what goes beautifully with this metallic glamor – Velvet! Velvet is a trend we are carrying over with us from 2018, and it stays strong. This luxurious looking upholstery goes magnificently with the rounded corners and oblong shapes, with the organic materials palette and with the sparkle of the metallic accents.

luxurious upholstery rounded corners sofa

Image credit: Cassina

metallic glamor velvet armchair ligne roset

Image credit: Ligne Roset

And speaking of the ultimate living room experience – do not forget the laid-back glamour of the 70’s and 80’s stylistics. The classic yellows, oranges, and browns we know and love from the ’70s are back with a more contemporary twist and we are seeing them make retro-inspired furniture, paint colors, and soft furnishings that feel fresh again. Large, modular furniture elements and Mid-Century Modern elements are also still a force in living room interior design trends.

Bedroom Decor

In the sanctuary of the bedroom we can outline a few key trends that guide the contemporary designers for the season of 2020 and 2021 – first the small urban premises require clever constructs (as hidden or movable bed platforms, storages or folding furniture elements) and as a consequence the bed platform becomes an excellent opportunity for storage space.

bonaldo bedroom trends interiorzine 1

Image credit: Bonaldo

However, if you have enough space in your bedroom, keep in mind, in the last years the canopy bed makes a huge comeback (not only in the boho style bedrooms), and many renown designers and stylists use the four elongated posts that are connected above by a framework (which can be left open or draped) in the composition of trendy bedroom’s decor.

bonaldo bedroom trends interiorzine

Image credit: Bonaldo

A particular interest for modern designers and vibrant lifestyle inspired ambiances are the clear-lined metal frames. They introduce dynamic, urban feel to any decor arrangement and give a certain energetic character to the bedroom composition – a great idea for an active man’s bedroom.

bedroom trends interiorzine 1

Image credit: balbek bureau

Keep your mind open to the possibility that in the great variety of renown design projects of canopy beds, which are surfacing the word’s design scene in the last years, there will be a model just for you. There is nothing scary to fall in love with the canopy bed.

canopy bed mens bedroom ideas

Image credit: Bogdan Ciocodeica

Escaping the paradigm of practical but not stylish – the platform beds recently are turning into an artistic trend. Designers create great variations of this intriguing structural construct. They can be decided as an inspired by the Asian stylistic piece of furniture or featuring more dynamic and urban traits but the final result is something unique, stylish and at the same time quite practical.

platform storage bed interiorzine trend

Image credit: mnb design studio

These days the platform beds projects are so creative and attractive that designers use them even in spacious bedrooms and apartments with plenty of storage. They are no longer a function of limited urban dwellings, they are just so hot.

platform bed contemporary design interiorzine

Image credit: mnb design studio

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article – sustainability and tender care for what nature we have left are finally taking a strong stand in the interior design word, so a responsible approach to resources becomes something of an obsession with flooring manufacturers. Everywhere you look, the focus is on sustainable or recycled raw materials.

bedroom contemporary design trends interiorzine

Image credit: Miniforms

Flooring and Recycling

Lately, many manufacturers, designers, and architects focus their creative searches and projects on sustainable, environment friendly and recycling approach towards a home building. And that is great news having in mind that the construction industry has one of the largest carbon footprints in the word.

kasthall sight unseen rug

Image credit: Kasthall

Assigning a percentage of Ecological Awareness ( YoY) some inspired solutions occur in city and home development , such as: Sustainable City projects (+165% YoY) systems that stop growing (Degrowth +208%), the renovation approach (+82% YoY) or the rehabilitation of spaces (+68% YoY), and of course the design of Adaptive Re-Use Projects (+154% YoY). So, keep in mind that thanks to modern technology and innovations the sustainable products and systems really don’t mean inferior quality, comfort or design. Instead, they offer an exciting new world to discover.

simone post adidas stripped down stripes rugs 1

Image credit: Simone Post

One example of this new approach is Italian manufacturer Aquafil which uses fishing nets, carpets or production waste to create their recycling based products.

aquafil manufactures econyl flooring interiorzine design trends

Image credit: Aquafil

Or flooring project that uses cork – a material that has been forgotten lately but thanks to its wonderful natural characteristics has a strong comeback in the new season. Another design project that rewards not only good, ethically responsible production conditions but also raw materials that are verifiably ecologically produced is the “Respect” line by Austrian manufacturer Tisca.

tisca woolen carpets socially responsible environment romania

Image credit: Tisca

Their handwoven carpets made of thick woolen yarn are produced in Tisca’s own facility in Transylvania using not only a natural product but a labor force of Roma people, thus offering them decent work opportunities and new perspectives.

kilims persian label edelgrund interiorzine design trends

Image credit: Edelgrund

And as a conclusion a small treat a delicious outdoor furniture addition. A fun, colorful outdoor chair inspired by traditional Colombian hammocks created in collaboration between the German designer Sebastian Herkner and CARIBE collection. Thin metal frame with trendy undulated shapes holds a playfully colored hammock textile. A fresh touch to finish your trendy journey and finally relax, amongst the natural elements on your porch.

maraca lounge sebastian herkner ames interiorzine trend

Image credit: Sebastian Herkner