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Heartbreaker Sofa Collection by Moroso


The Salone del Mobile 2019 will see Moroso once again exhibiting on a stand designed by Patricia Urquiola, where products will be displayed against a situational backdrop and less frontally than in the past.

heartbreaker sofa moroso 1

One of this year’s novelties is Moroso collaboration with Johannes Torpe on a series of products designed by the Danish designer, which includes the Heartbreaker sofa collection. The partnership was initially intended for hospitality projects but has led to the creation of products that are also highly suited to home settings. In addition to the solidity required for the contract market, the products in fact sport an extremely graceful, clean-cut aesthetic, enriched by precious fabrics.

heartbreaker sofa moroso 2

This was an unusual start for the Friuli-based company, which is accustomed to developing designer objects based on a project and not necessarily on an intended use. It was however made possible by the designer’s ability to approach products with a genuinely free and intuitive frame of mind, and not as a foregone conclusion.

heartbreaker sofa moroso 3

Eclectic and unconventional, Johannes Torpe has expressed his creativity over the past 20 years in a wide variety of fields ranging from music and product design to interior design and collaboration with the famous Bang & Olufsen brand. The designer’s language combines clear-cut shapes with playful and mildly provocative, never predictable, design solutions.

heartbreaker sofa moroso 6

The stylistic hallmark of Heartbreaker sofas lies in the design of the armrests, which represent the halves of a heart, or a broken heart, and which whimsically combine to form a full heart when sofas are placed side by side. Hence the name, which playfully alludes to a broken heart or ironically to a “heartbreaker”. The Heartbreaker collection of sofas was designed as a system for the contract market. The project combines pure, geometric shapes with the utmost comfort, making the product, which was designed for heavy duty, suitable also for residential use.

heartbreaker sofa moroso 5

“Heartbreaker is an almost archetypal “big hotel sofa” interpreted in an ironic POP key with a play on shape, without losing sight of function and comfort. Extreme customisation means there is a huge variety of fabrics and finishes available, enabling sofas to be created to meet all requirements.” Patrizia Moroso. The product’s second distinguishing feature is the metal base profile available in a variety of finishes, which visually elevates and lightens the sofa’s substantial volume, lending it grace and personality, almost as if it were the Danish designer’s signature for Moroso.

heartbreaker sofa moroso 5

“We can say that, from an intimist standpoint, breaking up with the woman I thought I was going to marry provided the inspiration for the Heartbreaker sofa system. As an old saying goes, the greatest love songs were written by songwriters with broken hearts, and that’s how it was for me when I designed this sofa. It may seem like a cliché, but it was in the scribbles during sleepless nights that this almost obvious shape took form, helping me to express my emotions through drawing.” Johannes Torpe.

heartbreaker sofa moroso 7