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Bijou Marble by OKHA


Stacked with dual shelving, marble insert above and oxidised solid brass plate below and fitted with tapering art deco inspired legs, the Bijou Marble has signature components every luxury item covets: noble materials, craftsmanship and design authenticity.

bijou side table okha 6

Cape Town based OKHA, which now has representation in London, Miami and Chicago has envisaged a contemporary side table with a twist of the Baroque. Although this may seem like a mixed metaphor (a mixaphor) the finesse of OKHA’s minimalist approach combined with rich natural materials gives the Bijou Marble an alluring style.

bijou side table okha 4

Solid brass has been oxidised, aged and meticulously hammered to achieve a finish that is charged with character and elegance. The nuanced brass frame is then paired with a careful selection of classic marble, ensuring that no two BIJOUX tables will ever be the same.

bijou side table okha 2

“The form brings to mind shapes that have been coerced, moulded by nature” says creative director and designer Adam Court. The organic, soft geometry of the table presents the viewer with a completely unique perspective from every angle. There is a sense of the irregular, a random logic, an intuitiveness to the design that speaks of the human hand, nature, not the cold logic of factory or the machine.

bijou side table okha 3

The beauty of the piece lies in its apparent abandonment of any rigorous design rules or clear-cut aesthetic; it is a piece that has emerged organically rather than been born on the computer screen.

bijou side table okha 7

Immediately recognizable as the work of OKHA head designer Adam Court, the Bijou Marble displays his signature exploration of abstracted geometry and harmony born of asymmetry. The Bijou Marble is a showcase of an inherently emotive and artistic approach to luxury and design.

bijou side table okha 5