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Porcelain Collection as Antidote to an Overly Industrialised Aesthetic


Porcelain collection from Tala offers an alternative design aesthetic to the exposed LED filament style the brand is recognised for, exploring primary geometries and new processes to create a series of contemporary, pared – back designs.

porcelain i tala 1

porcelain i tala 9

“By developing a matte porcelain finish, we flattened the perception of the bulb’s form which enabled us to play with its geometries. Incorporating Art Deco influences, the collection is based on four primary shapes: the oval, triangle, square and pentagon,” comments Joe Armitage, Design Director at Tala.

porcelain i tala 5

Centred around four distinctive shapes – Oval, Oblo, Enno, and Noma – each bulb has been moulded from matte glass before being individually mouth-blown and sandblasted to create a series of unique and characterful forms that work as well in a series as they do on their own.

porcelain i tala 3

Designed to provide an antidote to an overly industrialised aesthetic, the sophisticated yet playful units work well with bold colours and backgrounds, breaking up space and colour with calm orbs of white light that create an atmosphere of serene harmony in any context.

porcelain i tala 7

porcelain i tala 11