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Oki Sato Rug Design for GAN


Designer Oki Sato, founder of the prestigious design studio Nendo, proposes a rug design for GAN that recreates the enlarged pattern of the wings of a dragonfly.

Oki Sato rug design wings dragonfly 1

“We modified the scale of a natural shape, one that already existed in nature, to get to a new way of seeing the world”, explains the designer. The beautiful segmented structure of these wings, which shuns straight lines, achieves an organic, almost alive effect. Part of its appeal lies in its simplicity and its evocative capacity. “Nendo’s job is to get people to experience intuitively with the minimum number of elements” says Sato.

Oki Sato rug design wings dragonfly 4

DRAGONFLY offers an naïve look at the natural and everyday elements, seeking to give prominence to the details that usually go unnoticed. “The small moments are what make our daily life so interesting and rich. That is why we want to reconstitute the everyday by collecting and transforming those moments into something that is easy to understand”, summarizes the founder of Nendo.

Oki Sato rug design wings dragonfly 3

Oki Sato rug design wings dragonfly 2