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Apartment in Warsaw – The White Grace of Urban Living


Minimal color selection, gorgeous organic materials, retro-inspired modernistic shapes – an exquisite beauty of interior arrangement in an urban apartment in Warsaw, Poland. Renovating the original 1932 building in the central part of town the design studio Loft Kolasiński used custom-made furniture elements and renown design pieces (restored design elements by architect Arne Jacobsen, Jean-Pierre Vitrac, Miroslav Navratil and Friso Kramer) all laid on elegant monochrome color palate, to create timeless and light interior decor.

apartament loft kolasinski 6

apartament loft kolasinski 9

Using infinite whitens of the base color, preserving the original arched passages and restoring the gorgeous light wooden floors throughout the apartment the design team added elegant and unique design furniture helmets to create a beautiful and luminous home environment.

apartament loft kolasinski 5

apartament loft kolasinski 4

Custom-made furniture elements (from mirrors to tables, bed, library shelving and kitchen and bathroom furniture) designed by the architects adorn the modern and elegant ambiance of the apartment. The smooth curves of the furniture lines give a soft, and homey feel to the other ways minimalist and restrained composition. The exquisite mixture of light colors and dominating wooden details is a trendy and pure approach worthy of any modern home.

apartament loft kolasinski 8

apartament loft kolasinski 7

The amazing lines and design of the dining table and chairs set stands out on the minimal canvas of the completely white kitchen appliances and architectural shell. The living room zone also offers a characteristic purity and lightness, though, here rich textural elements – from the woven rug accentuating the zone to the trendy upholstery of sofa and armchair- give a softer touch to the arrangement. Some of the unique design furniture elements carry the retro-inspiration of the ’60s and 70s’, some are modern, but all give an unusual focal accent. We just love how the luminosity of the color selection allows the intriguing furniture element to stand in an elegant and stylish manner. Photos by Joel Hauck;

apartament loft kolasinski 11

apartament loft kolasinski 1

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