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Small Urban Dwelling with Scandinavian and Feminine Accents


An exciting mixture of femininity and urban stylistic in this contemporary mini-jewel of an apartment – a creation by Lina Klios designer at InCaprice studio, in the heart of Vilnius. In only 46 sqm the designer succeeded stylishly to entwine urban dynamics, welcoming coziness and memorable, trendy and unique home features.

InCaprice small urban dwelling 7

InCaprice small urban dwelling 6

InCaprice small urban dwelling 4

Using primarily organic materials palette (a signature combination of row concrete, elegant thin metal frames, wooden hints, and soft natural textiles) the design team based their creation character ( tellingly called – female urban power) on the impressive graphic entwinement between the three primary colors of the monochrome color selection. Shades of gray (varying from almost white to dark charcoal) framed by artistic accents in black and warmed up by rich caramel-beige touches, the color scheme of the design unfolds throughout the premises.

InCaprice small urban dwelling 2

InCaprice small urban dwelling 1

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InCaprice small urban dwelling 5

The two-room apartment offers a Scandinavian design read on modern urban life with delicate and artistic feminine touches. From the custom created wallpaper in the bedroom to the impressive chandelier above the main living space, multiple thoughtful details – an artistic creation of the designer’s imagination – give a strong identity to the otherwise simplistic and color-restrained decor composition. The soft-sitting zone offers a simple and elegant composition of inviting, big and fluffy sofa in beige, paired up with trendy coffee table-chair arrangement all set on rich textural background – from the large gray curtains to the ethno graphic motifs rug on the floor.

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Trendy glass doors with black metal frame separate this space from the foyer. The kitchen arrangement, on the other hand, is utilitarian, simple and with modernistic, clean lines- shining black accents and trendy metro-tiles with contrasting fugues give a dynamic focal accent to the zone. The suspended lighting scheme – with its modern thin lines- accentuates the simple lines of the kitchen island in all its wooden beauty. The cozy yet elegant stylistic defining the whole decor style is well represented in the bedroom and bathroom compositions, as well. In the bathroom, a playful patch-tile composition gives an artistic identity to the space and in the bedroom, the amazing graphic pattern of the custom-designed wallpaper achieves the same.  Photos by Leonas Garbačauskas;

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