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Multifunctional Home That Combines Several Activities in One Area


A House that conceals a lot and reveals a lot too. This interesting home project in Thailand hides under its smooth wooden surfaces many intriguing solutions. On first place, the JB House project conceals the fact that although it looks spacious the home is relatively small. The architects from IDIN ARCHITECTS created a pure and smooth ambiance that uses wooden panels, levels, and surfaces to conceal the different functional zones – like the kitchen, media set, working space, upper level and so on.

jb house idin architects 2

Creating in this way multifunctional home that combines several activities in one area without compromising with the exquisite interior decor composition and stylistics. The cubical facade of the home is also a signatory for its concept. Simple and elegant cubical construct, which can open or close its vertical shutters to play with the light, the view, the privacy and the temperature of its surroundings.

jb house idin architects 14

Created for a couple that has their own individual interest but still likes to keep at least visual connection between each other – the home offers two levels of social activities that thanks to clever design and stylish custom-made solutions keep a visual connection, which as a bonus, offers an infinite spacious feel to the decor arrangement. The upper level of the home conceals a space that secures the woman’s favorite activities – books, writing and creating.

jb house idin architects 3

Intriguing decor solution here – apart from the beauty of the multiple wooden structures and shelves – is that the working table is made of transparent glass which allows a view down below to the kitchen area where the man likes to cook and experiment with a bakery. Hence both partners can have privacy for their favorite pastime and still keep a visual connection with one another. Another beautiful transparent element is the skylight opening between the bookshelves that secures natural light and luminous fell – a design approach that goes perfectly with the organic material selection of the home.

jb house idin architects 4

The first level of the home where the kitchen, dining and living room areas resign, also offers an alternation of wood, glass and white surfaces which creates a smooth and clean fell for the home. Following the guidelines of the simplistic and natural Asian stylistic the home offers multi-functional and multilayered space and rich home dynamics in combination with visual purity and spaciousness. The wooden panels and sliding doors concealing some of the areas (kitchen appliances, media set or master bedroom alike, even the home windows and facade itself) are a great and stylish idea for any modern home and multi-functional space.  Photography by Ketsiree Wongwan;

jb house idin architects 7

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