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Functional and Stylish Two Level Apartment by IDwhite


There are many difficulties and special requirements to compose a beautiful, functional and stylish modern home especially if you choose urban industrial minimalism as a leading style. This intriguing loft project located in Lithuania and carried on by IDwhite is a magnificent example of how the light, youthful spirit of modern minimalism can be applied stylishly and with artistic, well measured results.

industrial loft id white 12

industrial loft id white 9

The guidelines for the designers while composing the reconstruction of this 64 square meter apartment were; keep as many from the existing row constructs as possible, relay on monochrome color base for softer and calmer interior feel with black accents used as a depth and highlight points and entwine the rich, natural materials palette into a playful representation of modern spirit.

industrial loft id white 11

Using trendy glass partitions and frames supplemented by beautiful wood and thin metal constructs- from custom- made shelving and even wardrobe structures, to the bases of tables and chairs, lamps and appliances – the minimalist metal insertions straighten the industrial feel of the exposed concrete structures.

industrial loft id white 6

industrial loft id white 5

industrial loft id white 2

This dynamic and robust materials palette is supplemented by rich textural additions (mainly in gray nuances) and playful splashes of unexpected color. We love the aesthetic balance of the master bedroom. A large soft bed in trendy charcoal gray and artistic and unique wardrobe setting composed of a thin bright yellow metal frame and robust shapes. Very dynamic, playful and well-balanced decor composition. The bright impulse of the custom yellow structure is cleverly juxtaposed to the deep calm of the burned Accoya wood of the bed’s headboard.

industrial loft id white 13

industrial loft id white 18

industrial loft id white 15

The main living premises with their double height and stylish staircase assembly leading to the second level of the industrial loft space are also very stylishly and fashionably decided. The open floor layout of the main social area  hosted under the industrial floor to ceiling windows combines exquisite dark charcoal rectangular structure, which hosts the kitchen area – with the lighter and more open Living room zone. The juxtaposition between the light dove gray of the soft sitting- rug assembly with the dark matt color of the trendy kitchenette and kitchen island composition gives a dynamic tension and energetic expression to the social zone layout.  Photography by Leonas Garbačauskas;

industrial loft id white 4

industrial loft id white 14

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industrial loft id white 8

industrial loft id white 20

industrial loft id white 22

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