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Modern Office Space in Bulgaria by Think Forward


Beautiful graphic elements with ethno inspiration and furniture insertions compose a modern office space in Bulgaria. Possessing quite an interesting philosophy and aesthetic guidelines the design studio Think Forward (which we have presented to you on previous occasions because of their artistic and stylish approach towards modem urban spaces with integrated ethnic elements) created this multi-functional and aesthetically expressive working space. Let’s explore its charming details and unique characteristics.

think forward lab bulgarian office 12

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The design team decided to integrate some of the characteristics of modern smart workspace in a somewhat contradictory and unique way: juxtaposing local identity against the universal office model, introducing visual privacy and acoustic isolation where the word trend searches for open communal spaces, and integrating existing natural assets instead creation of interior green accents the designers created a place with strong identity and elegant emanation. So in a way Think Forward’s conceptual approach to composing a distinctive spatial identity contradicts the globalized image of the modern office.

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The glass facade of the office space enjoys the view of the nearby natural protection zone Lake Vaya, and entwines the urban trend metal constructs and the ethno textile inspired graphic patterns in one harmoniously coherent space. Glass partitions (with fogged foil on eye level) and glass bricks that provide visual connectivity and acoustic isolation create a spatially open functional distribution, which includes a foyer, two separate rooms for the managers, one shared – for the employees who are in constant communication, and a kitchen office.

think forward lab bulgarian office 6

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Elegant and intriguing design details give strong focal accents for each space. The first and most characteristic features of the design of this modern office space are the beautiful patterns on the floor arrangement – like embroidery on and ethno textile. The designers had created artistically expressive and original handmade cement floor tiles calling them Makaz Tiles because of the encoded in them message from the element macadam – representing harmony and equilibrium. The self-adhesive graphic design of the Makaz plate allows for layout in individual wreathes that resemble woolen rugs.

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Actual rugs with strong traditional and ethnic expression are also introduced into cozy office settings – the hand-woven woolen rug from Ludo-Mlado gives a beautiful visual accent and enhances the local traditions impact on the elegant modern furniture compositions. Actually, the small round table amongst the retro stylistics of the surrounded furniture elements is also a reverence towards the local traditions – according to the designers the PARALIYA table represents the collective power of the small round Bulgarian tables around which the families gathered in the past.  Photography: Mara Radeva

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