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Moscow City Chic Sparkle in Pink by Crosby Studios


Moscow city chic sparkle! – concrete, wood and hot pink metal entwine in this new restaurant decor. Unusual and bold in its decor solutions this modern restaurant offers a dynamic and modern ambiance for Rare Pastrami Bar (a cuisine chain specializing in meat dishes) with a playful and artistic twist.

crosby studios interiors restaurant moscow 4

The creative contrast between the gleaming sheets of pink metal, the row concrete structures and the pure presence of the blond wood furniture elements is cleverly used by the design studio team from Crosby Studios to create a memorable and funky atmosphere for this unique bar.

crosby studios interiors restaurant moscow 7

Preserving the original layout of the space with its central supranational- wall the designers created a dual premise – one for the kitchen, and one for the seating of customers. Using the pink metal accents as focal anchors the design team clad the front of the timber bar counter with it, the edges of the dining tables, the half of the concrete walls and introduced the memorable and gleaming presence of the suspended lamp discs throughout the sitting composition. This alternation of materials – pink metal, gray concrete, and blond wood – gives playful dynamics and artistic feel to the decor composition.

crosby studios interiors restaurant moscow 8

We love the bonbon feel of the pink and brass accents combined with row urban and industrial elements – creating in this way a well balanced modern ambiance. Alternating gray and pink, white and wood with the fresh accent of living green plants, the designers achieved this delicious fell of cotton candy fell between the gray and the pink.

crosby studios interiors restaurant moscow 6

Built-in concrete steps form the amphitheatrical sitting arrangement, and the juxtaposition between the soft gray and the shining white lacquer tile cladding on that part of the walls and doors gives a disco feel to space. It is a design made with attention towards the detail, bold approach towards materials and spatial arrangement, and playful inspiration. A delight in the urban jungle, where one can sit and enjoy the bar offerings.  Photography is by Mikhail Loskutov.

crosby studios interiors restaurant moscow 3

crosby studios interiors restaurant moscow 1

crosby studios interiors restaurant moscow 2

crosby studios interiors restaurant moscow 5