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Trend-Setting Design for Contemporary Living by COR


Fabulously flexible: the new Avalanche sofa range cuts a fine figure in any position and provides seating comfort with finesse. The innovative upholstered chair Alvo with its delicate plastic shell embodies trend-setting design for contemporary living culture made by COR.

cor avalanche sofa

cor avalanche sofa 6

Ready for some splendid isolation? The Avalanche sofa range represents new developments in interior design, living more in zones than in defined spaces, as both a centrepiece and an invitation to be transformed again and again – according to the situational needs of its owners.

cor avalanche sofa 5

Sitting upright, having conversations, leaning back comfortably or stretching out for a prolonged period to read or relax – comfortable possible uses that the Metrica designers had in mind for Avalanche: “A more than beautiful sofa, voluminous with an elegant silhouette, the technical refinements remaining invisible,” explains Robin Rizzini. The open-base furniture combines lavish upholstered surfaces with a delicately upholstered frame and rests on a solid substructure that is light in appearance. Avalanche sofas are available in widths from 175 to 235 cm with a seat depth of 100 cm.

cor avalanche love chair 1

A chair that works formally and ergonomically requires an ingenious idea, high seating comfort and excellent workmanship – all characteristics of the new Alvo design by Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub. With its delicate plastic shell, into which a luxuriant cushion with differently filled chambers is inserted as a cushion for seat, back and arm surfaces, Alvo not only renews the image of the chair as “occasional” furniture: it is a modern eye-catcher – and uniquely comfortable. For its significant design, COR uses high-quality plastic with gently shimmering surfaces; the desired elasticity could not have been achieved with conventional moulded wood shells. “We then continued to experiment with the lateral recesses in order to achieve a pleasant flexibility in the back area,” explains Jürgen Laub.

cor avalanche love chair 2

Alvo (the association with alvus, Latin for ‘mother’s lap’, suggests itself) conveys a feeling of security. Even during longer round-table discussions, its owner should be able to sit softly “bedded” and completely relaxed. Four frame variants allow flexible use in the living/dining area or in multifunctional zones, including the (home) office. The choice of materials for the substructure includes wire and metal frames, various types of wood with conical legs and a plate base on which the white or black seat shell appears to float. Design: Jehs+Laub, Stuttgart.

cor alvo chair 9

The modern design classic Sinus (first draft 1976) will appear at imm cologne 2019 with new configuration possibilities. The spring steel runners characteristic of easy chairs and stools will in future also be available with a matt shimmering surface (colour: black nickel). To increase seating comfort, softer materials are used for the roll-shaped upholstery. Slight crumpling effects during prolonged “occupation” are expressly desired.

cor alvo chair 8

A pleasant side effect for the Cordia Lounge easy chairs, which with their soft down cushions have become a favourite for relaxed sitting since 2016: From now on, the tilt function can also be operated electrically.

cor alvo chair 3