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Lipky Twins Studio Apartments Design by PAINTIT


This imaginative project of the young Ukrainian studio PAINTIT presents us with unusual and stylish interior decor for two identical apartments, designated for renting. A result of the collaboration and trust between the designers and the owners the decor projects give us an inspired read on limited budget and custom made decor elements.

apartment paintit studio 2

apartment paintit studio 15

The design team shares that they had absolute freedom whilst creating the composition of the two apartments. The only restriction was the limited budget, which they compensated with a creative approach and inspired and trendy materials which look chic but are not expensive at all. All furniture elements for the apartment’s decor were designed by the PAINTIT team and manufactured with the help of local factories.

apartment paintit studio 9

Design tricks and imaginative approach towards space distribution and materials selection further enhance the stylish and elegant feel of the decor. Using glass walls (fashionably framed with thin black metal frames), not extending walls up to the ceiling and other visual tricks of the decor composition ( in this count the dynamic arrangement of larger elements – like the sofa Tetris) help the designers to achieve spaciousness and free feel for the limited space of the apartments.

apartment paintit studio 3

The design for the tween spaces is identical – only slight changes in colors designate the apartments. The kitchen zone in one of them is decided in trendy urban black, and the other is in soft terracotta brown – a nuance every close to the Living Coral – The Pantone Color of the year for 2019. And speaking of inspired solutions – just check out the way the trendy modular sofa undulates around the cement half-wall separating the dining and living room area.

apartment paintit studio 5

apartment paintit studio 6

The apartments are not big, they’re typical of modern urban living conditions but using elegant and clever design solutions one can say they look bigger than what they are. Open floor plan exposition connects the organic and modern platform storage bed solution with the rest of the living premises.

apartment paintit studio 12

Architecture workshop: PAINTIT; Architect: Juliy Cherevko; Tanya Filipenko; Project Area: 47 м2; Project Year: 2018; Location: Kiev, Ukraine; Photo credits: Alexey Yanchenkov;

apartment paintit studio 13