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Urban Renewal House in Palacio by Ideo Arquitectura


Turning a 18th-century former palace into a contemporary home with luminous, pure and comfy ambiance is not an easy task but the architects form Ideo Arquitectura succeeded spectacularly with this home project in the historic heart of Madrid, Spain.

housing project former palaco madrid 1

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Removing the countless separations, partitions, and in-closets, opening the premises and exposing the high ceilings, structural beams and intriguing wall rims the designers aimed for spacious arrangement and free float, suitable for dynamic, contemporary lifestyle configurations. The main living space combines in one open floor exposition the charming historical features of the original construct (like the full of memories wooden beams) and the practical combination of kitchen, dining and lounge areas in one easygoing modern social zone.

housing project former palaco madrid 6

The fluid motion between premises is accentuated and fragmented by sculptural and focal accents that give identity to the decor composition. On the exclusively white base of the kitchen zone, a massive and beautiful black kitchen island gives the artistic impression of sculpture carved in granite. Its dimensions and scale dominate the space giving it a focal point on the white canvas. Throughout the apartment, the beautiful fixtures – like doors, cupboards, dynamic drawers’ compositions and cobblers are custom-made by architect Virginia del Barco.

housing project former palaco madrid 5

Another intriguing design feature is the glass and beech separation structure between the trendy furnishing of the lounge area and the classic beauty of the dining space with its charming, curve-legged table. This transparent and modern way of separation of space has its advantages – it secures a separated and privet, in a way, space for the owners’ children to do their studies- and yet does not fragmentize the open floor exposition and flow of natural light.

housing project former palaco madrid 7

The deep charcoal finishing of the walls in the bedroom, which brings a cozy and warm feel and combined with historical and classic decor elements – picture frames and wall rims – creates a unique and artistic bedroom ambiance, is another felicitous design choice for this intriguing modern home interior.  Photography by Imagen Subliminal

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