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Compact Space Combine an Aesthetic Simplicity with a Flexible Intelligent Functionality


And speaking of compact and limited urban housing – the designer Nicholas Gurney is known for his work with compact housing solutions that have a distinctive aesthetic simplicity complimented with flexible and intelligent functionality.

compact space flexible intelligent functionality 4

His latest project – a small apartment that embraces the studio-concept with its open flow and functionality conceal on the side. The small urban jewel is located in Sidney and proves beautifully our point that the modern challenges of space provoke amazing creativity and ingenuity and bring up the best in contemporary design.

compact space flexible intelligent functionality 3

One of the biggest challenges of this space configuration was the fact that the apartment had only one corner window, but clever and stylish materials, textures and space distribution choices of the creator provided enough light and luminously throughout the living premise. White walls and light oak flooring reflect the natural light beautifully, joinery hidden with compact solutions on the side walls leave open, free space, crisp white and decorative metallic overlay give a graphic and contemporary stylistics. And here – as in the previous modern studio apartment project we showed you – the bed is hidden in the wall joinery, folding behind the stylish dark blue sofa.

compact space flexible intelligent functionality 7

Playing and manipulating individual elements of the decor to perform more than a single function the designer created a space of modern flexibility and seamless ease that does not show on first glance how much thought and planning have been employed in every single detail of the interior. This luminous ease and elegance that provides the highest comforts and flexibility of modern lifestyle show the true ingenuity of this design project.

compact space flexible intelligent functionality 2

The kitchen for example – small, compact but generous, using the seamless connections and configurations of specified Fisher & Paykel manufacturer. Their sleek interface provides all the necessary appliances and commodities for a functional and utilitarian kitchen space without compromising with the pure aesthetics design and the space of the small studio apartment.

compact space flexible intelligent functionality 5

compact space flexible intelligent functionality 6

compact space flexible intelligent functionality 1