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40 Office and Home Gym Ideas – Get Back on Track After the Holidays


Christmas, New Year’s, Solstice, Hanukkah … the seasons of change, new promises, new life, and inspiration. No matter the religion and believes, usually we all try to start our new year on a positive note, to be better, to make positive changes. To be healthier, more active and disciplined and that usually entails some kind e of sports activities. And then there is the small fact of the festivities, which often includes getting out of shape and overindulging on food. So we may say it is a season for thinking about a better feature, a healthier attitude, and a more dynamic lifestyle.

Office and Home Gym Ideas

Image credit: Cannon Design

In the last decades new terms like syndrome of the deck – appear in the field of medicine, and different kind of diseases related to life without enough movement become more and more common. Throughout our evolution, the human kind never has spent so much time stationed in one place, sitting behind a desk. The wealthy lifestyle and high-class jobs lead to less and less movement – which ironically leads to a shorter lifespan.

office gym workout

Image credit: People’s Architecture Office (PAO)

So many innovative and considered employers tend to secure stimulation for physical activity in the work office. “If you don’t use them you lose them” is not just a saying, the mussels we do not use atrophy and loose power. So ultimately the sitting down lifestyle and the work conditions lead to an atrophy of the mussel, which keeps our back straight, and at the end, a crooked spine leads to many serious health problems.

office more dynamic lifestyle 2

Image credit: RS Barcelona

The disturbing medical stats are many, and the researches show that lifestyle without enough movement leads to multiple health issues. So, what can we do with our office and desk orientated life? Well, going to the gym, trekking, and mountain exploring during the weekend is always a pleasurable option, but often that is not enough. The research shows that daily movement in the office and adequate sitting positions are significant for the body disposition toward diseases.

physical activity work office brain embassy 2

Image credit: mode:lina studio

What if scientist researches definitively prove that the healthiest choice is not the physical pressure only a few days a week (mainly weekends), but an everyday measured movement in your workplace (with less sitting)? Well, some modern designers have thought about that for you while composing dynamic and creative working ambiances and decor elements. One of the most innovative solutions are the 3D seating with adaptable height tables.

stimulation physical activity work office brain embassy 1

Image credit: mode:lina studio

In this inspired project, The Brain Embassy show us a creative and fun solution that offers spaces where you can work while on the move, rest by meditating or cycling. Your choice and dynamic of options. The contemporary design project is a result of a cooperation between Adgar Poland and mode:lina studio and created the Brain Embassy space with a spatially underlined motif of “synapses” running across the whole interior. The dynamic simplicity and beautiful lines of this interior also offer an unexpected fun and movable options with its contemporary shapes and textural arrangement.

stimulation physical activity work office brain embassy

Image credit: mode:lina studio

And keep in mind the company also wins if there is more movement in the office dynamic. First the researches show that there is an increased efficiency when there is increased mobility. This efficiency raise can be up to 70%! Simple biological law with amazing results for any employer – the physical activity leads to complicated chemical reactions in the body which leads to improving mental functions like memory, problem-solving skills, creativity, and multitasking.

activity work office brain embassy 3

Image credit: mode:lina studio

The regular physical activity makes the employees more energetic, motivated and happy. Research shows that employees with increased physical activity during the day are more efficient, have better sleep and motivation for work. Also, the physical activity releases hormones that affect the brain’s work and improve the mood. So, what are you waiting for – an office with dynamic decor composition and the possibility for physical exercise will benefit all.

office gyms workout 1

Image credit: Iminterior

In truth, some cultures and companies in Japan know the benefits of regular physical exercise from years and employ programs for this. The researches also show a very simple and practical implication for the firms if their employees are in good physical condition – raised efficiency and reduced sick days throughout the year. Research in Britain shows that the main reasons for sick leaves are stress and depression and improved physical conditions and activities can lead to up to 89% less sick days and increase the productivity of the company.

office gyms workout 2

Image credit: Iminterior

Other benefits of a work environment that offers special physical programs are: improved teamwork, better cooperation and less movement of employees. Researches show that people appreciate and value the company’s efforts to create a healthy environment and offer physical activities for their employees. Hence, lees transfer to other places of work. Creating a multi-layered work environment with dynamic conference rooms, special areas for relaxation or physical activities cultivate unique dynamics in the working place that encourages meetings, exchanges and a better sense of a group.

creative office arrangement encourages physical activities 4

Image credit: Studio AUTORI

Here is one contemporary example of creative office arrangement that encourages physical activities and social interaction. Created for Catena Media, Serbia – the office space is located in the Airport City business center in Belgrade. The architects from Studio AUTORI composed the premises as a maze of dynamic and fun game experiences – each employee has his own working, and relaxing zone, a cornucopia of fun features, secret places, playrooms, and surprises creates a dynamic and game-inspired work environment. A perfect place to keep your body and mind in good shape.

creative office arrangement encourages physical activities 2

Image credit: Studio AUTORI

creative office arrangement encourages physical activities 1

Image credit: Studio AUTORI

creative office arrangement encourages physical activities

Image credit: Studio AUTORI

everyday measured movement workplace

Image credit: Studio AUTORI

Another inspired example of trendy office interior composition that features elements which stimulate physical activities is this 170 square meters office for Inteltion. Here the designers form Onion implemented the organic feel of nature with the rich wooden cladding in combination with trendy white metal details that offer a Bangkok’s park inspired equipment for stretching and making your blood flow faster. Onion started the project by observing the stretching exercises at public parks in Bangkok – so they organized such tools around the office design in areas, ranging from easy to difficult exercises.

office gym time for workout 2

Image credit: Onion

So, a working place that offers dynamic entertainment, healthy social areas and playful additions to the work environments are quickly becoming the office space of the future. Flexibility, playful spirit and creative impulse are the landmarks of a working space that will ensure the happy and productive inspiration for the people that use it. The Multispace will be the office of the future. This form of office and work environment combines open spaces and offices that can be used flexibly.

office gym time for workout 1

Image credit: Onion

office gym time for workout 3

Image credit: Onion

Why not to have a gym at home? It may sound strange or even impossible to some, but we assure you this could be very practical, healthy and even aesthetically pleasant solution for many homes, as modern designers around the word show us. And as a side benefit you can create a fully functional home gym that is not as expensive as you can think.

Home Gym Ideas

There are plenty of places where you can buy used fitness equipment, or , if you are imaginative and creative, you can pre-build some trainers into the architectural construct of the space you want to use as a gym in your home. Keep in mind that your exercise room will evolve over time. Start with the very basics and keep an eye out for the upgrades you need. Let’s show you some stylish and creative home gym ideas.

home gym ideas 8

Image credit: Carney Logan Burke Architects; WRJ Design Associates;

Here we have a modern barn house designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects, which possesses impressive warm, clean and smooth interior composition. A modern read on organic ambiance achieved thanks to the reclaimed barn wood cladding. The simplistic shapes of the gym equipment items go very stylishly with the weathered finish of the wooden details and the dynamic insertion of the metal beams throughout the construct. One can use different training elements to compose the home-gym space. Let’s take a closer look at some of them, as well.

trx training will mattia pareschi 2

Image credit: Scavolini

Suspension Trainer

TRX training will take up pretty much zero space in your home gym, which is essential if you don’t have enough room for your project. This gym element is allowing you to work heavily on your core with functional ranges of movements, which you wouldn’t have available to you with free weights alone.

trx training will mattia pareschi 3

Image credit: Scavolini

And speaking of limited space here are some creative and imaginative ways to fit a gym space into not so big home use a double purpose space. Bathrooms and gymnasiums for example – convenient and in this case stylish. Italian designer Mattia Pareschi had cleverly fused bathroom decor with fitness accessories without disturbing the design aesthetics and utility of the space.

trx training will mattia pareschi 1

Image credit: Scavolini

In fact, the aesthetics of the space is not only not suffering by the gym insertion, is enriched by it – the focal point of the minimalist bathroom design becomes the gymnastic wall bar which functions as the base for all the fitness equipment including benches, TRX systems or elastic training bands. Skillfully entwined with light fixtures, soap dishes, towel rods, shelves, mirrors and storage boxes the place is a wonderful representation of multipurpose and space-saving modern decor ideas.

venice loft industrial decor home gym 1

Image credit: Alexander Design


And while on the topic of gym items that take minimal space and are still quite effective – we recommend dumbbells for your list of essentials when composing your home gym space. Set of adjustable dumbbells can be stylish, space-saving and especially suitable for beginners (not only for you but for your partner or a young member of the family, so they can join you in the exercise routine).

venice loft industrial decor home gym 2

Image credit: Alexander Design

Punch Bag

Another gym item that is flexible and can fit in different interior decor settings, as a stylish focal point – the punching bag – proving that healthy exercise does not need vast or specially designated premises to be present in your everyday life. And honestly, there is another benefit of having a punching bag in our overly – busy and stress lives, it is a great stress release and tonus-sustaining equipment. Adding a punch bag to your home gym is going to allow you to enjoy great stress-busting and high-intensity workouts.

home gym minimal space dumbbells

Image credit: Alexander Design

Here we have some stylish examples of a punching bag as a fashionable item in modern interior decor settings. The designers Alexander Design restored this Venice Loft with a monochromatic color palette of grey and industrial elements (like the exposed cement structural beams). The designer cleverly balanced and warmed up the decor composition with soft textures, rich wooden elements, and some leather insertions, in this count the dynamic presence of the chain-bound punching bag.

gym minimal space punching bag

Image credit: Alexander Design

The open floor exposition of the space has mobility, and dynamic spirit in its emanation, accentuated by the industrial columns: symbolically separating the premises into a living room, kitchen, dining room, sitting areas, an office, and gym – the place offers variety and yet minimal row comfort.

bachelor pad home gym punching bag 1

Image credit: Annabell Kutucu

Another stylish design project that includes a home gym and punching bag as a focal center created by Annabell Kutucu & Michael Schickinger. A bachelor pad with masculine dark colors, simple shapes and inviting textural accents (leather, steel, and polished wood).

bachelor pad home gym punching bag 2

Image credit: Annabell Kutucu

The apartment’s styling and decor composition pays homage to Berlin and its creative diversity: clear, straightforward lines and colors, organic and robust materials and dynamics in shapes and entertaining details. The leather punching bag adds a playful and dynamic accent into the composition and secures daily energization for its occupants.

bachelor pad home gym ideas

Image credit: Annabell Kutucu

Gymnastics Rings for Home

Smaller but not less expressive. In this project In Suspension by Naturehumaine the top two levels of a building were re-organized and transformed them into a double-height urban home for an athletically inclined clients.

exercise room gymnastics rings

Image credit: Naturehumaine

The main premises are architecturally suspended boxes, adorned with unfinished plywood panels, each containing a bedroom and a bathroom. Exercise room with a pair of gymnastics ring and a punching bag is decided in minimalist yet organically rich design composition.

extraordinary home gym design ideas 7

Image credit: Naturehumaine

exercise room gymnastics rings 1

Image credit: Naturehumaine

Home Climbing Wall

Build for a family of five this smooth and spacious home project by studio ORTRAUM Architects is called MK5 and hosts a number of child-friendly and entertaining features including a climbing wall, gymnastic apparatus and a net covering. Those playful and vital features go very well with the overall simplicity and purity of the design compositions and ensure dynamic and energizing ambiance.

child friendly entertaining climbing wall 1

Image credit: ORTRAUM Architects

The luminous environment of the home uses the light (filtering through clever skylight openings and untypical angles) to illuminate the smooth materials selection and the minimalist furnishing compositions. And entertainment entwines with practicality – a void that allows light from a window at this level to filter down to the basement stairwell is filled in with a net that the children can lounge on.

child friendly entertaining climbing wall 2

Image credit: ORTRAUM Architects

child friendly entertaining climbing wall 3

Image credit: ORTRAUM Architects

Children’s Play and Training Corner

Here we have beautiful, organic climbing wall and suspenders both decided in typical Asian stylistic and purity ensuring an active and entrain corner for children and adults alike. And as a bonus its white and wood elements sit very well aesthetically with the rest of the decor arrangement.

childrens play training corner 7

Image credit: FUGE Design

The project of FUGE Design is a family friendly home with large interface and smooth organic materials selection. Creating a place where the children can be freely active and playful while the adults cook in the kitchen, entertain guest or relax in the inviting living room corner is a very practical and clever approach towards modern design.

childrens play training corner 2

Image credit: FUGE Design

childrens play training corner 3

Image credit: FUGE Design

And in conclusion – it is clear that on the international design scene. There is a new current searching for healthy, indoors activity and in some cases professional gym equipment arranged in a modern and stylish manner securing a variety of possibilities for more energetic and physically challenging indoor experience. Home and office gym decors become more elaborated, functional and stylish each year, so we no longer have the excuse to be lazy – right. So, let’s promise ourselves that healthier, more dynamic and fit lifestyle awaits us in a home and at the office for the New Year.

childrens play training corner 4

Image credit: YoDezeen

childrens play training corner 5

Image credit: YoDezeen

childrens play training corner 6

Image credit: YoDezeen