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Xiamen Guanyin Mountain Chamber


The sense of literature of Xiamen is more profound than the freshness of walking by the sea, it is rooted in theundulating waves . The light of the interior space is soft, and the deep sense of modern has kept the low-key luxury temperament of old Shanghai, thus the room presents a narrative tone.

xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 1

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xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 2

Because the size of the building is not large, all functions are centered on the elevator shaft. As every space is shallow , and the sunshine of the coastal city is strong, the sunlight will make the room manic. Thus, the designers get rid of routine colors used in traditional therapy spaces; instead, they use massive blue to fulfill the therapy and emotional comfort functions of the space.

xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 18

Watching through the glass atthe entrance , a piece of Taihu Rock Painting comes into the eye, the texture of the ancient stone is fired from Mongolia black, it brings in the poetic imagery of garden. Damour’s sculpture is a metaphor of the return of Zen aesthetics.

xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 19

Get closer to the reception desk, you could see that handmade bronze is used on the Chinese medicine counter top which manifests a sense of noble. The dark and light colored rectangular marble tiles evoke the memory of the half dry ground after the rain in our childhood.

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xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 15

The round mirror on the wall of the diet therapy area learns from the view-borrowing method of bay window in Suzhou garden, and combines scenery with the sight skillfully. As described in Ji Cheng’ s Yuanzhi “there is not fixed forms in building a garden, you could borrow any view that could help to create a nice scenery”. While the evening comes and light is waning, the reflection of the mirror can add soft brightness to the space.

xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 9

In the leisure area, a pine and cypress gives off a strong taste of literati. Behind the screen, there is the “sea” that takes in hundreds of rivers which represents a broad mind. New Chinese bookshelves and leather couches in the space are usually the symbol of successful men, designers enlarge the size of the traditional chair to make it more comfortable. So while enjoying the great sea view, a royal conference experience is available.

xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 8

Blue and white porcelain with texture of Ru Ware, artworks and all kinds of books are placed on the shelf. There is a book named Give You a Horse written by the fa-mous writer San Mao, which says that people love horse, and some of them regard it as their dream. Chinese people’s complex of horses for thousands of years has been revived in this house. If we want to use the language of shaping to express the agita-tion and strength carried by horse, it should be sculpture art. To awaken your be-loved horse in your heart, and to raise it in a literary garden.

xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 3

Massive wood finishes used in the space have created a rare Chinese style atmos-phere of Ming Dynasty. As Ji Cheng says in “House” that design philosophy for houses in Ming Dynasty is “follow the simple and elegant fashion, and choose digni-fied and decent ancient elements” means to follow fashion trend should adopt its elegant and simple elements, while using ancient elements should capture its digni-fied and decent features. This is also the attitude of the two designers to do tradi-tional and innovative design.

xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 4

The curtain helps to weaken strong sunlight at high noon of Xiamen seaside while enriching space levels. The hand-painted herb on the wall and the simple lamp re-formed from Kongming Lantern show the open folk customs of the Tang Dynasty and the culture integration of the space.

xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 5

xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 7

xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 6

The collision between Chinese element and modern element is very fantastic. You might think that these two styles are irrelevant, but in eyes of the two designers, they are extremely harmonious. The concise and magnificent modern design is dot-ted with Chinese classical landscape. Blue velvet sofa in the leisure area is like the turning point of the story telling by this space.

xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 12

Massive use of quit blue on walls and the floor in the multifunction room is an ex-tremely beautiful scenery, as charming and graceful as Pablo Picasso ‘s masterpieces Blue Room. The sofa in female VIP is in modern red of old Shanghai. Coupled with the eye-catching Retro yellow of the wall painting, every color has different visual expres-sions, and thus create an effect of contrast in style and a sense of fashion. Old ele-ments used in this modern simple living space is not redundant, but is just right.

xiamen guanyin mountain chamber 13

The traditional Chinese chair has a spark of metallic luster, and the side table is in unconventional cage shape. Antique appearance combines with modern functions; Project name: Xiamen Guanyin Mountain Chamber; Design company: H&W Design Office; Designers: HU Ke, WANG Rui; Photographer: SHI Yunfeng;

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