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Living Coral – The Pantone Colour 2019 for the Net Collection


The Pantone Color Institute has officially chosen Living Coral as the colour of the year 2019 and Nardi offers many solutions in this warm, mellow and embracing colour as the key feature.

living coral net collection nardi 10

Living Coral is a bright natural colour that inspires light-heartedness and optimism, an evocative symbol of the heart of our marine ecosystem: coral reefs. Vibrant shades of coral also dominate Nardi furniture, which is fully enhanced in the Net collection, with its coral colour.

living coral net collection nardi 7

Comprising Net, an elegant chair with contemporary features, Net Relax, a large comfortable armchair with a soft cushion in delicately contrasting colours, Net Bench, a romantic two-seater bench and Net Table, a rectangular table, the Net collection is entirely made of fiberglass resin and features a square-hole pattern all over the seat.

living coral net collection nardi 6

The fresh vitality and ecological essence underlying Living Coral are in keeping with Nardi’s philosophy, constantly focused on the wellbeing and joviality of outdoor life, with special attention given to environmental impact.

living coral net collection nardi 2

Nardi has always concentrated on a combination of original design and cuttingedge technology, quality and functionality. The company’s philosophy is based on promoting “Made in Italy” throughout the world and on eco-thinking, which results in fully recyclable products, re-using production waste and ongoing research to reduce environmental impact.

living coral net collection nardi 3