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StudioAC Converted Toronto Church into a Minimalist Loft Home


Turning old, abandoned religious buildings into modern homes is an intriguing and unexpected trend that is picking up a speed in the last years. This amazing project carried out by StudioAC converted Toronto, Canada church into a minimalist and luminous loft home.

archcollab pape loft 4

archcollab pape loft 3

Combining the historic and spiritual past of the place with the hot trend of a minimalist approach towards living (a modern lifestyle stylistics that covers many different aspects of life – from living arrangements to food and clothing choices) the decor composition of this unusual space is a striking and stylish example of contemporary Canadian interior decor. One may say that the search of spiritual purity in the building’s past translated wonderfully into the aesthetic purity of its interior composition in the present.

archcollab pape loft 2

Connecting in a double height living room space, the three floors of the home, the designers gave a free and spacious feel to the decor composition and preserved a hint of the glorious vibration of the place. Beautiful, curved timber balustrade wraps around the second level balcony concealing, partially, the sleeping area behind and giving a warm, soft curved accent to the main living space. Here minimalism in finishing, textural compositions and color combinations gives clean and free feel to the decor arrangement of this modern loft. Soft beige entwine with pure whites and ivory adding a sophisticated and elegant hint to the flexible modern structures and furnishing of the decor.

archcollab pape loft 9

The minimalist movement always includes a certain degree of purity and luminosity to its compositions; so, it suits wonderfully not only the owners’ lifestyle choices but also the spiritual past of the architectural shell of the home. Many picturesque focal points form the home’s decor – we are particularly fond of the view from the curved balcony towards the lounge area – here circular furniture elements seat harmoniously with the circular carpet, in organic gray texture, framed by invitingly looking siting options – renown design chair and trendy large leather sofa.

archcollab pape loft 1

archcollab pape loft 11

Simple, yet memorable. Same goes for the rest of the premises – the bedroom with its stylish black metal and glass separations and the beautiful entwinement between the simplistic gray rectangular silhouette of the bed and the ethereal lightness of the white curtains. Throughout the loft, the soft curves of the space give a warm and welcoming feel to the simplistic color and furniture selection. Wonderfully balanced modern project with memorable character and stylish identity.  Photography: Jeremie Warshafsky Photography

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