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An Extravagant Office of the Ukrainian Creative Agency


Creating an office space that looks like anything else but not a working premise is a trend and a goal for many creative design studios and employers alike in the last years. Using playful cross-stylistics and creative insertions the designers form balbek bureau composed this imaginative office arrangement in a historical district of Kiev, for the Ukrainian creative agency banda. agency.

hey banda balbek bureau 3

hey banda balbek bureau 8

Entwining industrial stylistic hints ( the exposed concrete structures and metal frames) with barn-like in-build home space for the offices of the co-founders of the agency, the designers introduced – more like woven in the fabric of this unusual office design some playful ,colorful and artistic design elements that give unique character and intriguing stylistic for the working space.

hey banda balbek bureau 9

hey banda balbek bureau 4

hey banda balbek bureau 12

hey banda balbek bureau 11

The sizeable open premise of the offices contains – a front desk, 4 working spaces, 2 meeting rooms, 2 lounge areas, a kitchen, and a terrace- and each one of those premises has its unique, colorful and playful identity. The meeting room is in a glass-enclosed swimming pool, amphitheatrical arrangement.

hey banda balbek bureau 14

hey banda balbek bureau 13

The bathrooms combine contemporary minimalism with colorful Versailles – fountains mural. The communal area is decided with county style leather furniture all those whimsical design solutions have an additional welcoming, and stylish emanation and all offer an intriguing experience for a working space. That is the designers embracing the clients’ desire to make their employers feel like they are anywhere else but at work.

hey banda balbek bureau 21

hey banda balbek bureau 1

We very much like the stylish way in which the design team combines vintage and retro furniture pieces (most likely found in flea markets and carefully renovated) with trendy and fashionable design elements, contemporary paintings, trendy lamps, and Scandinavian stylistic-inspired additions. The gray tonality of the design base (given by the concrete structure, terrazzo slabs or gray wood cladding) is underlined by greenish and bluish hues and development of different furniture and decor defiles in nuances of the gray from the charcoal almost black details to luminous dove and blue tones.

hey banda balbek bureau 16

hey banda balbek bureau 15

hey banda balbek bureau 17

hey banda balbek bureau 19

Exposed brick half-walls and untainted wooden details add warmth and organic hint to the contemporary design arrangement. Whimsical elements and playful colors, expressive paintings and architectural solutions create a space that will never be boring or mundane.  Photography by Yevhenii Avramenko

hey banda balbek bureau 18

hey banda balbek bureau 2

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hey banda balbek bureau 7

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