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Luxury Ukrainian Villa by Studio Denrakaev


A triumvirate of colors and geometric shapes in this modern Ukrainian villa. Using contemporary lines with a hint of luxury and simplistic inspiration the Ukrainian design studio Denrakaev composed this spacious project called Villa 118.

villa 118 denrakaev 11

villa 118 denrakaev 9

The project uses open premises and architectural shell that entwines black metal frames, caramel wood panels, custom-made fittings, and trendy furniture pieces – mainly in shades of gray to create an ambiance of elegant geometry with a dynamic twist. The main living premise features an open plan exposition of dining, kitchen and living room premises all arranged underneath expressive, arched, wooden ceiling.

villa 118 denrakaev 8

villa 118 denrakaev 7

villa 118 denrakaev 6

Metal structures and black frames give a punctuated separation between the zones. Flanking bout sides of the main living premises two residential wings host additional rooms and zones including the open atrium space for social gatherings, office – guest room, master bedroom and so on. Throughout the house, the designers used the warm wooden accents to give a colorful touch to the very modern composition of black metal frames and gray textures composing the straightforward decor arrangement.

villa 118 denrakaev 16

Furniture with modern and minimal silhouettes, characteristic lamp’s design and modern lighting scheme, thin metal frames and luxurious materials selection compose a home with dynamic modern spirit and welcoming open premises. The beauty of the modern square shapes’ assembly and the expressive four color combination – white and black, gray and wood – is especially visible in the bathrooms design arrangement. Geometric shapes and simple combination of colors – modern and easy – spiced up by luxurious materials and rich textures. Photography by Andrey Avdeenko;

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