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Liverpool Gin Distillery by DV8 Designs


DV8 Designs has completed work on its fourth Castle Street venue in the form of Liverpool Gin Distillery as part of a seven-figure budget. The Cheshire based interior design and architectural firm has transformed the area’s latest addition, working alongside contracting firm Medlock. The five-storey site consists of three Gin Labs, a Dark Spirits Bar and a Bartender School as well as a ground floor bar serving gin and other spirits. Photography: Peter Creighton

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Managing Director Lee Birchall and his team were appointed to lead the project earlier this year following previous successes with a number of bars and eateries within the cosmopolitan postcode. Lee said: “Working on the concept for Liverpool Gin Distillery has been exciting for everyone involved here at DV8 Designs and it is so rewarding to see it open to the general public. The multi-faceted vision behind Castle Street’s newest venue really allowed us to be creative with the use of space, the décor and the functionality of the Grade II listed building.

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“It is unique in that Liverpool Gin Distillery houses a total of three ‘Gin Labs’ and a ‘Bar Tender School’ whereby people can craft their own spirits and although we wanted the space to be modern and sophisticated, we have also incorporated a botanical and industrial element to it. To reflect the spirit and the manufacturing process that it involves, we have used exposed metals such as copper, alongside foliage and natural materials. The venue also includes a 600 litre copper still which is used to produce Liverpool Gin on site.”

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With an impressive Castle Street portfolio in hand, DV8 Designs is quickly gaining a reputation as the area’s leading leisure and hospitality designers, having worked on prolific venues including the likes of Rox, Sanctuary Tap and Castle Street Townhouse. Lee added: “Liverpool Gin already has an impressive status and the gin distillery is attracting fantastic feedback already – we anticipate that it will be a hugely popular destination for residents and tourists alike. The area has a historic feel that really showcases Liverpool’s rich heritage and we wanted to capture that within our design whilst retaining a modern and contemporary feel.”

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Senior Project Manager at Medlock Chris Addy said: “We have worked closely with DV8 Designs in the past on a number of projects that have been both interesting and exciting – Liverpool Gin Distillery was no exception. It has been fantastic to be a part of this development with Lee and his team to deliver an exceptional new destination within Liverpool.”

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General Manager at Liverpool Gin Distillery Emily Kelly said: “We’re offering something for everyone, not just gin lovers, with our Dark Spirts Lounge located in the basement and our ground level Gin Bar that serves an array of spirits, beers and wines. Lee and the team at DV8 Designs took our brief and made it in to a reality which has exceeded our expectations. Each space has been designed for functionality and aesthetic appeal and really offers a wow-factor. Although we wanted Liverpool Gin Distillery to have its own unique identity, the sophisticated design compliments the site’s cultural location on Castle Street.”

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