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Christmas Decorating Trends 2020 – Colors, Designs and Ideas


Want something magical, unique and word changing? Who doesn’t, right? But they say that Christmas is a magical time, full of wonders and light, and it may indeed be so. For us, designers and stylists, part of its magic line in the beautiful richness of its tactile impact, in the exquisite delight that the holiday brings to the senses – the smells and tastes, colors and lights, memories and expectations…

holiday decor trends

Image credit: House Doctor

Come, explore with us the great variety of Christmas decor themes and ideas that will help you rediscover the joy and excitement of children towards this amazing holiday. The trends in seasonal design and decorations are particularly rich this year – many designers and artist celebrate in abundance the creative holiday spirit and the trends in Christmas decor for 2020 have a lot to offer. Let’s take a more detailed look.

christmas 2019 trends 5

Image credit: House Doctor

christmas decorations tamle

Image credit: House Doctor

Exploring the celebrated works of renowned designers and themed catalogs of brands and collection we high-lined few guidelines to help you with your choices for trendy Christmas decoration this year. Take a look at the image selection we composed for you, follow the guidelines and discover the brands, but most of all have a magical holidays.

2019 holiday decor trends 1

Image credit: H&M Home

First the noble aim for sustainability and respect toward the environment, that is inevitable to take over all aspects of our lives in the feature, introduces many new materials and natural elements in the Christmas design. And the mantra “less is more” takes a new life here – simple and elegant, reductionist and light. Compensating, in a way, the minimalist silhouettes of the decoration the colors are bold and capturing – the use of deep burgundy, as well as dark blue, grey, brown and the classic forest green seems to be popular.

2019 holiday decor trends 2

Image credit: H&M Home

And intriguingly the metal hues and materials choices are still going strong this year- only this time it seems like the shine is reduced and aged glow is taking over. Patina, rust and oxygenic iron give a more vibrant and warmer textural feel to the trendy Christmas selections.

2019 holiday decor trends 3

Image credit: H&M Home

A combination of one bold and expressive color with metallic elements is an artistic yet stylish chose for your trendy Christmas color selection. Is no secret that the colors set the mood and when it comes to a celebratory moments (especially in the cold season) something warm and energizing is always a good choice. Even the metallic trend is becoming warmer and less shiny for Christmas 2020 trends.

christmas 2019 color trends 3

Image credit: IKEA

The more pronounced rust hue – with its distinctive tonalities somewhere between red, orange and brown is an unconventional, yet warm and festive choice for this holiday.

christmas 2019 color trends 4

Image credit: IKEA

christmas 2019 color trends

Image credit: Georg Jensen

Also, friends, do not be afraid to experiment – dark, moody color may seem a bold choice – especially compared with the white and silver combinations from previous trends but a deep color can be especially suited for the season of dark nights. Dark blue, deep green, purple – bring certain coziness and energizing hint to your night of festivities.

christmas 2019 color trends 2

Image credit: BoConcept

Do not overlook the natural hues and the traditional greens bringing nature into your home is always a wise choice. Nothing says a true Christmas comfort like raw wood and natural green – it’s a trend that will never go out of style.

christmas 2019 color trends 1

Image credit: IKEA

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Vintage is an inevitable part of the Christmas holiday after all, it is a celebration of tradition and family, so most of us have a box of old Christmas ornaments somewhere in the attic. So instead of spending a fortune on entirely new Christmas decoration add some spirit introducing old decorative ornaments with a fresh twist. Adding rustic or custom Christmas ornaments to the holiday tree or table arrangement gives a familiar touch and continuity to the tradition. Making your home cozy and inviting for family and friends is the main goal. And noting whispers a family holiday like a vintage nuance to your trendy holiday decoration.

custom Christmas tree ornament

Image credit: GS-JJ.com

The fragile beauty and hints of divine craftsmanship hidden in the classic glass ornaments are always a great choice when it comes to introducing additional magic to your Christmas decorations. After the invention of the blowpipe and the development of the craft of glass blowing, the glass ornament for Christmas become popular in the 1850s when the London’s newspaper shows a picture of Queen Victoria’s Christmas tree decorated with handmade glass ornaments.

black glass christmas ornament

Image credit: Mercury Glass Ornaments

Their shapes, colors, and craftsmanship vary and develop through the years, but the beauty they introduce it never goes out of style. And preserving glass ornament thought the years has its romantic and nostalgic value as well.

christmas 2019 color trends 5

Image credit: Fossik

A vintage touch, a family history or just stylish accents are all embodied in a simple glass ball ornament for your Christmas decoration. It is no wonder that many designers and brands bet on the classic beauty of glass ornaments for the Christmas 2020 decoration stylists.

pearl glass christmas ornament

Image credit: Balsam Hill

What becomes a very trendy and stylish approach in the last years for an elegant and modern Christmas decoration are the home accessories inspired by the Nordic and Scandinavian style and their purity and simplicity. This Danish brand and their Walther & Co. collection have a perfect selection of Christmas accessories inspired by Nordic traditions and travels to the Orient. Contemporary simplicity and sophistication, entwine with a nostalgic touch.

vintage christmas decorations 18

Image credit: Walther & Co.

vintage christmas decorations 6

Image credit: Walther & Co.

vintage christmas decorations 5

Image credit: Walther & Co.

DIY Christmas Decor 2020

Or Do It Yourself decoration style require a specific set of mind and a very organized approach, but the results are always the most inspired and unique ones. Besides, the craftsmanship necessary to turn your home into a magical fairytale for the solar celebrations, the DIY art involves mainly natural and organic materials: pine cones and fresh green branches, twigs of eucalyptus, evergreen, spruce, and moss. Hens – the trend of keeping it organic and sustainable that is peeking up speed this Christmas is corresponding perfectly with the DIY Christmas decoration style.

christmas decorating trends 1

Image credit: House Doctor

So is never too early to start collecting natural beauties for the Christmas decoration of your home: pine cones and interesting branches or berries. Also, do not forget less is more so keep it simple, it may have abundance but one or two basic colors and themes are plenty enough.

christmas table decorating

Image credit: H&M Home

Besides expressive colors and trendy shapes arrangements – do not underestimate the importance of smells and aromas – for a truly inspired Christmas experience. The delicious smell of pine, the delicate threat of cinnamon, the fresh hint of citrus and their respective color reflections in your trendy DIY Christmas decoration will add an amazing finishing touch.

christmas lights

Image credit: IKEA

You do not need a cut down а tree to have a stylish and trendy Christmas composition. The right Christmas lights can give a very artistic and contemporary stylistics to your festive theme even when wrapped around something mandarin as a ladder.

christmas decorating candles

Image credit: Tine K Home

No truly festive and stylish “Christmassy” look is complete without lots of branches and twigs of eucalyptus, evergreen, spruce, and pinecones.

christmas decorating natural organic materials

Image credit: Nordhjem

And with the freedom and abundance, you can achieve with DIY Christmas decoration approach you can adorn the whole house, not just one room.

green christmas glass

Image credit: Ib Laursen

Beautiful and elegant candles are a definite must for your trendy DIY Christmas decoration efforts. Light is an essential part of mid winter holidays so introduce it into your stylish decor with the most suitable colors and shapes.

kahler design christmas decoration

Image credit: Kahler Design

Christmas Wreath Ideas

When arranging your home for a festive dinner whit family and guest do not neglect one of the most symbolic and traditional Christmas decorations – the wreath. The ring, the circle that the wreath represents is a strong ritual element of the solar celebrations from ancient times (the winter solstice celebrated around 22-23 of December is in the roots of many of the Christmas symbols – the fire, the winter tree, the fast). So the Christmas wreath is not only a very beautiful decor touch it also has its traditional and symbolic value.

2019 christmas green wreath decorations 3

Image credit: Magasinet Liv

Choosing the perfect one (or creating it) for your personal decoration style … well, it is like the cherry on top … or the wreath of your creation. So here we have selected some pretty fabulous and trendy ideas for celebrative wreaths – you can buy one or you can create it yourself. Follow this link, and you can have some practical guidelines on how to create your own Christmas wreath with the help of a few green branches and natural decorative elements.

2019 christmas green wreath decorations 5

Image credit: Mainlifestyle

2019 christmas green wreath decorations 2

Image credit: Uffe & Stina Berens Balslev

2019 christmas green wreath decorations 1

Image credit: Freshideen

Modern Christmas Decor

As we mentioned earlier in this article, the Nordic and Scandinavian decorative styles are going to be very trendy for the Christmas decor in 2019, so here we have selected for you some very inspiring and artistic decoration ideas for the holidays from renowned Scandinavian brands.

2019 christmas decorating trends 4

Image credit: ferm LIVING

The ferm LIVING are well known for their minimalist, simple and elegant take on Christmas decorations and this year they do not sway from their style refine, pure lines, modern emanation and expressive colors are the guidelines of their Christmas collection for 2019.

2019 christmas decorating trends 2

Image credit: ferm LIVING

2019 christmas decorating trends 3

Image credit: ferm LIVING

The Danish brand House Doctor searched for inspiration in another hot trend for this year – exploring the retro, adding rustic natural feel to the Christmas decor compositions.

vintage christmas decorations

Image credit: House Doctor

They aim for more natural and organic look for their collection – following the guideline of sustainability and close to the nature experience for the holidays: earthly tonalities, blush and browns dominate the color palette. This year is all about creating a natural look.

christmas 2019 trends 2

Image credit: House Doctor

christmas 2019 trends 4

Image credit: House Doctor

IKEA bet on modern minimalism and simple lines. So if you are not a fan of DIY Christmas approach (or simply don’t have the time this year) you still have a great choice from renowned and beautiful collections to make your holiday magical and inspired.

2019 christmas decorating trends 5

Image credit: IKEA