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Tianjin Holiday Inn at Nankai District by BLVD


Tianjin is a metropolitan city in both ancient and modern times. Located in the center of this historical and cultural city, Tianjin Holiday Inn at Nankai District is designed by BLVD. The design of Tianjin Holiday Inn creates a precedent for the international brand hotels in this area, upholding the brand concept of leisure and comfort, green health and business trip of Holiday Inn, and injecting natural landscape, industrial temperament and humanistic aesthetics in time to create a happy and warm business holiday experience.

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Embracing an longing for the natural world and an invaluable insight into the precious urban memory and prosperous port culture, BLVD makes full use of details of literature and history and displays the essence of landscapes, to integrate pleasure and elegance into the relaxed and joyful life style advocated by Holiday Inn, showing attractiveness and charm.

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The Reception Area, which mimics the container, is enclosed by shallow wood, presenting neatness and warmth. The reception counter is made of gray lacquer glass, which imparts industry style to simplicity and quietness. Ancient essay emphasizes accumulation for presentation, which is also true of design. From the clean and simple Reception Area to the Lobby Area, the style of space meets a sudden change, which is like the style of writing, to create fun and surprises by contrasts.

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The lobby is designed to blend the natural image of the forest and the port’s life to maximize the natural beauty of humanity. The ceiling board is coated with aluminum plates, while pierced holes in the aluminum plate show various arrangements of spaces with parameter-based design. The illumination from lights inside reproduces a mysterious forest landscape.

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In the central recreation area of the environmental composition, the designer has deliberately caught different moments of tide rises and falls and, with bold and exquisite processing, melted the wild and free tides into the marvelous treatment. The large chandeliers outline the rhythm-like charms of rises and falls, just like the glittering and gentle ripples of the calm sea. The green pattern fully demonstrated and shaped the hotel’s vibrant brand image, while the free patterns describe the magnificent scenery of tide rises. As the proverb says “the wise man takes please in water, and waits for the proper moment for action”, in such a smart world, there integrated the quietness and the dynamics, as well as the brightness and the darkness, fully reflecting the charming wisdom of life.

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The arrangement of furniture and furnishings are inspired by the thick industrial culture of the port. Modular furniture defines the boundaries of space while creates the relaxation atmosphere. The variegated colors, the mortise-tenon connections of sofa frames, and the common glass ball lights in the industrial port are all telling details in the rough design, with the refreshing fashion highlighted with individualized design.

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To conceal the original three load-bearing pillars, the designer creates shelves with these pillars, which perfectly creates the overall visual experience. The wall paintings and artwork showing landscape of the city further improve artistic atmosphere of the space. Walls of the Lobby Lounge are decorated with pierced aluminum plates to continue the visual experience. The high loft makes the field of vision wider and combined chandeliers constitute more amiable space while enriching the spatial level.

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The tailored long timber table becomes visual center of the space, and the abundant natural elements enables people who are strangers to each other to relax here or enjoy their parties there. The rich colors inspired from containers and the chairs with bright colors spotted here and there bring elegance and warmth to this little space.

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With elegant and solemn cultural tones, the dining hall brings back the history of Tianjin and reminds people of the tradition. The vintage block floor creates the exquisite feeling of ancient foreign-style houses, reminding people of the charms of old times. On the Buffet table, there are glasses with bright colors which look like colored windows on boats of old times, making them beautiful scenery in your journey. Below the table, unique metal texture and industrial expressions are designed with elements of containers. The original huge load-bearing pillars of the building were reconstructed into display racks, demonstrating traditional techniques and culture such as bird cages and steamers filled with the wisdom of Tianjin people.

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Those backrests, arranged in floral disorder on the soft of the guestroom, look so warm and interesting. The carpet with bright colors improves vitality of the space. The locker room and the rest room designed based on using habits of people and ergonomics give extreme both physical and psychological comforts to people with humanity design. “I don’t know how much time has flown over my tea cup, I just want to live this comfortable life in Tianjin”, in this space integrating history and nature, industry and culture, with such comfortable atmosphere, guests can recall the past and face the future with a more elegant and calmer attitude, enjoying the unforgettable travel time.

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Project name: Tianjin Holiday Inn.; Area:16,394㎡; Client: Rongqiao Real Estate; Designer: Liu Honglei; Participant Designer: Yang Yuxin, Liang Xiaomei;

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