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Lucy Bock Transforms a Melbourne Edwardian House into a Light-filled Home


In a mood for something fresh, stylish and artistic? Pink and velvet blue in a contemporary geometric frame of clear lines? Introducing contemporary design details and trendy materials into the charming historic shell of this Edwardian cottage, in Melbourne, the designer Lucy Bock created timeless and intriguing home ambiance. Splashes of energizing blue and pink colors give a playful and artistic nudge to the decor composition, full-height steel windows and doors surprisingly compliment the architectural shell of the Edwardian architecture, and beautiful stone and tile selection provided by Artedomus gives a focal center of the materials composition.

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The designer’s focus was on light play and materials combinations as a way to create the dynamic and memorable decor composition of this modern home. Transforming the small, crowded and dark cottage into a light, full of fresh color accents and modern design furniture elements home the designer used intriguing color shades and materials layering. The delicate gray base of the design composition coming from the extensive usage of the rare and beautiful Elba stone is further developing into darker and fuller shades of blue with playful pops of hot or baby pink.

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This stylish composition is fully elaborated in the living room arrangement – here the Moroso rich velvet sofa and the surrounding leisure composition gives a decadent deep blue and hot pink touch to the light modern ambiance. The richness of the Elba gray stone is also used in the remarkable bathroom arrangement where it gives a base for the colorful development of tiles and joinery in the same color accents used throughout the home – blue shades with pops of pink. Beautiful and trendy tile compositions.

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But the most focally capturing and stylish combination created by the designers using those exquisite materials is probably in the kitchen zone. Here extensive cladding with beautifully veined Elba stone covers the simple geometric shapes of the Kitchen Island and joinery and the hand-glazed Japanese porcelain tiles corner gives a characteristic dark blue color accent and dynamic modern touch to the whole stylish composition. And what about the simplistic, baby-pink chair that completes the characteristic color spectrum of this timeless home design? It is evident that small details and continuity matter in this design arrangement.

prahran residence lucy bock melbourne 11

Another characteristic trade of the design arrangement used by its creator, as a signature element, is the usage of clear-lined and expressive geomantic shapes – starting with the simple rectangular beauty of the black steel frames on windows and doors, continuing with the modern clean lines of furniture and custom-made structures and finishing in small decor details – like the carpet pattern, the thin lamps silhouettes or the colorful pieces of art – the simplistic geometry introduces another touch of modern stylistics into the classic architectural shell. Beautiful and well-measured entwinement that gives dynamic yet timeless character to this stylish home.  Photography: Mark Roper

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