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Flexible Metal Furniture with a Pop Spirit by Formae


A brand is born. Formae: the flexibility of metal in furniture with a pop spirit and a design soul. Free forms guided by wonderfully sleek aesthetics is what Formae is all about: furnishings with a light-hearted, yet distinctive influence.

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In the heart of the Tuscan valleys, the Formae brand has taken shape from the enthusiasm of the new generation of a family company, from childhood memories of the smell of metal grinding, and the awareness of the infinite possibilities and applications of this material, in order to offer sleek, playful home furnishing accessories. The brand’s iconic location is its officina, where the metalworking skill of Gennaro Tramonti – founder of the company Car-Met – combines with the desire of his sons, Simone and Laura, to create unique objects made of metal, the family’s true calling.

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Formae’s range of furniture and accessories are designed to be functional domestic presences, with wonderfully sleek aesthetics which are unashamedly a little poppy. The design cues reference Scandi style and lessons from Memphis, interpreted through a simple, contemporary design language. The artistic director is Leonardo Fortino, a young designer who nevertheless boasts extensive experience in the metal production sector; his formal research process centres on geometry, revisited through a process of summary and simplification.

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Estensioni is the brand’s first collection, which officially marks its passage from Car-Met to Formae; It is composed of visually light objects, where geometric linearity and graphical accents are accentuated only by the artisan processes – laser cutting, welding, mechanical connection, manual bending and punching – used during their creation. The final painting process then confers a texture with a porous effect which allows the colour palette of neutral and pastel tones to maintain a warm, tactile note.

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Part of the Estensioni collection, the products Engioi, Ambrogio and Half Moon can be considered illustrative of Formae’s entire production due to their style and manufacturing characteristics.

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