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80 Men’s Bedroom Ideas – A List of the Best Masculine Bedrooms


Considering the fact that the bed is one of the essential elements of the home ( we may go as far as to say the reason shelter is searched in a first place, a space to relax and take a break) one may think that exploring the trends in design – wise development can’t possibly offer something new and existing. Well, allow us to take you on a journey that will prove you that there is so much to discover, consider and explore that … you may develop a certain desire to refurbish more than one bedroom.

list best masculine bedrooms

Image credit: YoDezeen

The word of modern bedrooms can be so rich and dynamic that the exploration of just the headboard fashion development can take days. So, is your imagination provoked, would you like to explore the dynamic and challenging word of men’s bedroom design ideas and the latest tendencies in the words design scene? This is your article – prepare for unexpected and rich discoveries.

masculine bedroom decor 1

Image credit: YoDezeen

Every modern bedroom decor composition (regardless if men, woman or child’s) has two key elements that dictate its identity – the bed itself ( its shape, size, material composition and so on, but mostly its headboard’s construct – the trend is to be bigger and bigger – and to offer strong visual anchor) and the second element is the color composition of the decor. The color choices dictate the mood, the feel and the whole atmosphere space and are one of the bases on which to start composing your decor project.

dark color masculine bedroom

Image credit: YoDezeen

Color Combo Trend for Mean’s Bedroom

Well, it is no surprise that the best way to distinguish a masculine bedroom decor composition is by the usage of a specific color combination. The traditional colors that appeal to men based on historical and psychological data can be a good start you know: dark hues, bluish, greens and grays and so on. But don’t be afraid to upgrade and experiment  add a little sparkle and glamour – it is a trendy direction to go.

sexy men bedroom raca architekci

Image credit: Raca Architekci

It is no secret that the perfect ambiance for a man’s comfort and ease is the cave-like texture and color composition- earthly tonalities, grays, blacks and rich browns are not only a classic but also a trendy choice. Like here the base of the bed made by the best Belgian chocolate hue that nourishes the soul combined with luxurious satin sheets for glamour and the organic presence of wood and concrete finishing’s create a well-balanced ambiance avoiding going too dark.

luxury bedrooms dark wall decor

Image credit: YoDezeen

Or this color choice – intriguing dark base with different hues of black and charcoal but with the added luminosity of trendy lamps design and chirps white bed sheets that give purity to the otherwise dynamic and urban feel, search the balance. Specific requirement for any stylish cave-like composition is that it should be minimalist, clean and with distinguished organic feel. This approach will be in well-balanced juxtaposition with the usage of dark elements and vibrant colors, so the final result is not overwhelming.

bachelor apartment lera katasonova

Image credit: Lera Katasonova Design

Wooden cladding, or heavy wooden furniture elements, sharp angles, and concrete structures – anything of that range goes well in trendy men’s bedroom design. This style offers an excellent backdrop for the technology modern men enjoy, such as a large, wall-mounted Smart TV or media sets. In fact, the thick tapestries and organic textures help create perfect acoustics for a high-tech sound system. Darker colors are never-ending classics, especially when we talk about men’s bedroom ideas.

bedrooms dark wall decor

Image credit: INDOT

mens bedroom dark wall decor

Image credit: Houseplan

black wall men bedroom

Image credit: DNA Concept Design

Another tip for stylish masculine bedroom arrangement; if you search for more traditional room’s arrangement, the colors we suggest are still in the realm of dark but now leaning towards the more elegant monochromatic shades of grey with a secondary use of deep reds, blues or greens. Using natural products like stone or wood and complimenting them with textures like suede, leather, natural fabrics, and bold window treatments will introduce an additional flair to your stylish bedroom arrangement. The classic lines and decor details are always elegant and create a welcoming ambiance.

green gold wall decor bachelor bedroom

Image credit: STADTArchitecture

Another masculine color composition can be the beach inspired and more casual sequence of blues, creams, light pastels or brighter reds in organic combination with woods (maybe even reclaimed from ships or from the beach). Muted greens and ocean hues are neutral and still quite cool for modern dynamic lifestyle. Accompanied with suitable decorative elements – like e surfboard on the wall or other hobby items that add personality, you can compose a perfect ambiance for any stylish inhabitant. The white small skirting board helps to elevate the ceiling height.

green wall decor bachelor bedroom

Image credit: Raili Clasen

mountain watercolor wallpaper bedroom

Image credit: Everwallpaper

bachelor apartment green wall

Image credit: Bogdan Ciocodeica

Luxurious Bedroom Decor

A great idea for men’s bedroom is to introduce a luxurious feel to the decor. As we established most men like new technology toys to be at arm’s-length in their sanctum sanctorum, but you should know that luxury is another element of the decor that modern men appreciate. So introducing it in the bedroom makes the space even more welcoming, relaxing and generally a place you really want to be. Smooth leather, the rich tactile sensation of a satin sheet or velvet textures, high-quality furnishing and materials give that certain regal feel of the design composition that will make most men feel a king in his palace, and that creates an incredibly relaxing environment for a guy’s bedroom.

luxury mens bedroom ideas

Image credit: YoDezeen

luxury decor modern men bedroom

Image credit: YoDezeen

Don’t be afraid to give a decadent flair to the decor composition of a bachelor’s pad bedroom – heavy tapestries and colors that represent the height of a plush, royal lifestyle, big leather furniture elements, velvet textures, heavy pillows  are all items that can be used to create welcoming, cozy and relaxing atmosphere for modern men. Just do not use all these rich elements at ones or at least search some balancing touch like cement finishing of walls or metal frames. High-quality products and materials, renowned design brands and rich textural and color combinations are a win for any modern bedroom decor.

black wall men bedroom decor

Image credit: YoDezeen

luxury modern men bedroom

Image credit: YoDezeen

As you can see the trend of the dark and rich color compositions is especially suitable in creating luxurious bedroom ambiance for men, only, here the lush textures, the rich tactile sensations, the velvet and satin add to the cozy feel of the dark tonalities.

luxurious leather bed

Image credit: YoDezeen

modern men luxury bedroom

Image credit: YoDezeen

Discreet illumination by trendy design lighting scheme can go a long way into strengthening the luxury, rich feel of modern men bedrooms and their cave like feel.

luxurious leather bedroom decor

Image credit: YoDezeen

masculine bedrooms yodezeen

Image credit: YoDezeen

mens luxury bedroom ideas

Image credit: TOL’KO interiors

In Love With the Canopy Bed

The canopy bed is an intriguing sculptural accent for the bedroom and if you go for it, here is one tip – the stylists and design experts recommend the cleaner, modern ones for a masculine ambiance because they offer more peaceful and balanced stylistic than the over-the-top-ones. And it is more likely that the man you design the bedroom for will respond better to the cleaner, straight lines of modern frames: metal or wooden ones doesn’t matter the minimalist presence is more desirable for modern lifestyle arrangement than the elaborated old classic canopy frames.

canopy bed sculptural accent 4

Image credit: Rick Joy

Nevertheless, in the last years, the canopy bed makes a huge comeback (not only in the boho style bedrooms), and many renown designers and stylists use the four elongated posts that are connected above by a framework (which can be left open or draped) in the composition of trendy bedroom’s decor.

canopy bed mens bedroom ultimate luxury

Image credit: Brad Ford

men bedroom canopy bed

Image credit: Caldera House

A particular interest for modern designers and vibrant lifestyle inspired ambiances are the clear-lined metal frames. They introduce dynamic, urban feel to any decor arrangement and give a certain energetic character to the bedroom composition – a great idea for an active man’s bedroom.

But don’t underestimate the pure and elegant feel that an organic wooden frame for the canopy can give. The classic and romantic charm of the canopy construct may be a hard sell for the uninitiated client, but the final result achieved by modern minimalist lines and elegant compositions can give a sense of towering luxury to a room without becoming cloying.

sexy bedroom canopy bed

Image credit: BURO’82

Keep your mind open to the possibility that in the great variety of renown design projects of canopy beds, which are surfacing the word’s design scene in the last years, there will be a model just for you. There is nothing scary to fall in love with the canopy bed.

canopy bed mens bedroom ideas

Image credit: Bogdan Ciocodeica

As we established previously the organic materials palette is quite suitable for man’s frame of mind – it evokes relaxation, natural and pure feel and can inspire an imaginary journey to simpler times and places. So a rustic hut or hunting lodge’s design stylistic can be an excellent base for the decor of a man’s bedroom.

mens luxury bedroom canopy bed

Image credit: Robert Stilin

Wood is a magnificent material for contemporary or more classic inspired compositions – in all of its natural hues, and shades; used as cladding, furniture element of decorative design detail the wood is always a great addition to any inspired men’s bedroom idea. Try the aged look for the wood elements – it invokes peacefulness and romantic (without the cheesy part) ambiance.

black wall bedroom canopy bed

Image credit: iDEASDESIGN

Masculine Spaces are a Mix of Textures

Actually, the weathered surfaces, in general, are an excellent choice for the composition of masculine space. A mix of textures and natural materials like stone, unfinished wood, granite or other decisions with rough edge give an excellent backdrop for a stylish yet real life atmosphere for modern man’s bedroom.

natural materials stone modern mans bedroom

Image credit: YoDezeen

Brick is another excellent choice that adds texture and rich, warm accent. Paired up with metal accents and leather finishes, trendy furniture elements or other textural accents (like tile or concrete) the classic charm of the brick can create a dynamic and modern ambiance.

natural materials bricks modern mans bedroom

Image credit: Ritz&Ghougassian

natural materials timber bricks modern mans bedroom

Image credit: Ritz&Ghougassian

The masculine design is all about clean lines and sharp edges (as opposed to the curves and colors of more feminine styles) and expressive features, so, having graphic and geometric patterns on textiles and materials allows you to weave that aesthetic all throughout your space.

natural materials terracotta modern mans bedroom

Image credit: YCL Studio

masculine space bedroom terracotta decor

Image credit: YCL Studio

masculine space bedroom decor terracotta tile

Image credit: buro5

Intriguing accessories like the Moroccan rugs with their beige and black color palette and tribal graphic patterns can be an excellent addition to your masculine bedroom design. They will offer comfort, style, and organic touch.

natural materials wood modern mans bedroom

Image credit: Johan Israelson

The neutral colors and diamond geometric pattern are also a good fit for stylish man bedroom decor or if you’re feeling really creative, look for furniture pieces that have some geometric design built in.

natural materials metal leather bedroom decor

Image credit: Houseplan

More luxurious materials like marble, polished granite and mahogany can be quite manly especially in the monochrome color selection of grays and browns.

natural materials marble modern mans bedroom

Image credit: Peny Hsieh Interiors

Platform Storage Bed

Escaping the paradigm of practical but not stylish – the platform beds recently are turning into an artistic trend- modern designers create great variations of this intriguing structural construct. They can be decided as an inspired by the Asian stylistic piece of furniture or featuring more dynamic and urban traits but the final result is something unique, stylish and at the same time quite practical. These days the platform beds projects are so creative and attractive that designers use them even in spacious bedrooms and apartments with plenty of storage.

Essentially the platform bed is a mattress that is raised up from the ground with a specially designed frame that gives a unique and clean aesthetics and practical hidden storage space beneath. And here is the place to ask yourself how big of storage space do you need? It can be just a small space to put away a bed blanket when not in use or bigger cabinetry for multiple items. Or you don’t need storage at all; you just like the elevated aesthetic of the bed platform and its stylish presence in your bedroom. This sculptural composition is flexible enough to accommodate all kinds of desires and needs.

platform storage bed

Image credit: MNB Design Studio

platform storage bed ideas

Image credit: MNB Design Studio

The platform beds composition can be created by a rich variety of textures, colors, and materials but usually, wood or plywood are involved. Thanks to their Asian-style inspiration and regal history background the platform beds always have this pure, clear-lined and stylish emanation especially suitable for men’s bedroom arrangement.

storage bed mens small bedroom

Image credit: Urban Outfitters

Sometimes these platform-style beds will also come with a wrap-around cabinetry and bookshelves or side cabinets connected to the bed- so at the end, you have a whole unit to arrange your life in – from library activities to relaxation space. These clever types of structures and platform beds are another great style to consider investing in as they will give you plenty of storage and are especially suitable for limited space urban apartments.

storage bed room ideas men

Image credit: Liquid Interiors

mens small bedroom platform storage bed

Image credit: 23Bassi Studio

mens small bedroom ideas

Image credit: IR arquitectura

Small Bedroom Ideas for Men

And speaking of small urban apartments as you know one of the biggest challenges in front of modern design is to find creative solutions for the reality of overpopulated cities and small living spaces. And some of these solutions are so intriguing and beautiful that they are worth exploring even if your man’s bedroom project does not require you juggling with limited or challenging space configuration.

small urban apartments men bedroom

Image credit: URBAstudios

Let’s start with this imaginative project in an XIX-th century building in the historical center of the city of Porto, Portugal. Here the URBAstudios introduced an innovative artistic creation: a room that aimed to be an apartment and turned into a “House”. The fun and creative adventure of modern-day living arrangements are especially visible in the spirit of this place. Entwinement of beautiful wooden floors and elegant wooden lattice structures evokes homey and warm atmosphere. The visual artistry of the double volume image of a house with pitched roof hosts not one but two sleeping areas (one below and one on the top). So here the architects enhanced the strong, universal and simple image that defined the concept and the whole strategy of areas organization and visually transformed the apartment into a House.

limited living space dizu mens bedroom

Image credit: studio Dizu

Another masculine apartment arrangement that hosts the bedroom into a specially designed wardrobe – the niche is the inspired project “home for him” by the Lithuanian studio Dizu. Ingenious space distribution, cute and characteristic decor elements, inspired color and materials selection and very clever approach towards limited living space are providing a feel of spaciousness and fluid movement for the restrained premises. Proving that the challenge of modern lifestyle and restricted urban living spaces can be an excellent motivator for creative and innovative design approach the designers used inspiration from the Scandinavian simplicity and purity of expression to create this very welcoming, cozy and full of a character home.

small urban dwelling redeco mens bedroom

Image credit: Redeco

Re-imagining the confined space of this urban apartment the Lithuanian design studio Redeco had created a dynamic and stylish decor that captivates with the honest expression of its materials palette anд the bright contemporary arrangement of the limited space. Outlining the different functional zones only by the usage of different textures, colors, and materials (gorgeous wood and trendy brass juxtaposed to simple light textures in the relaxation zones) the designer cleverly outlined without actually dividing the space. This is a great design approach for dynamic lifestyle and for preserving the open space flow, which gives the feel of spaciousness and freedom without denying privacy. The bedroom space is tucked in a cozy niche composed in light colors and warm textural compositions – expressive accent created by the trendy, whitewashed brick wall.

viadutos apartment vao mens bedroom

Image credit: Vão

Design solutions for limited urban spaces are always creative, innovative and unique and if we are lucky, they are also playful and vital like is the case of this creation from Vão Studio. Intriguing sculptural design solutions are the floating timber structures and furniture – none of them touches the unusual shine off the floor, and that gives a light, airy atmosphere for the small space. The suspended cube that hosts library on the one side and wardrobe on the other also serves as a space divider between the sleeping quarter and the living room. Row concrete ceilings are juxtaposed texturally to the smooth shine of the turquoise floors and the warm elegance of the furnishing. this creates a dynamic that matches the 18-th floor urban view and is especially suitable for modern men’s dwelling.

small space towo design mens bedroom decor

Image credit: TOWOdesign

Design of an economical residence in the central urban area of Shanghai, where land is limited; space was extended dramatically through a 10-degree rotation.

small space towo design mens bedroom

Image credit: TOWOdesign

Bed Frames Feature Guy-Friendly Gadgetry

rotating flat screens modern mans bedroom

Image credit: INDOT

rotating flat screens modern mans bedroom 1

Image credit: INDOT

It is no secret that usually (due to extensive market research) women are the primary targets of manufacturers and creative designers because they are the big buyers. But when it comes to beds, there is a specific niche of modern creators and trendy designers that aim to create beds suitable for man’s taste. Rotating flat-screens, safes, iPod docking stations, surround sound and outlets for laptops are just some of the gadgetry that men are apparently looking for when they purchase a bed, and they’re willing to spend big money to purchase a bed equipped with them.

modern men bedroom

Image credit: Peny Hsieh Interiors

beds suitable mans taste

Image credit: Peny Hsieh Interiors

There is even such thing as mattresses that have “muscle-recovery properties” and cooling technology because men are more likely to feel too hot in bed. And intriguing choices such as bed frames with built-in wine coolers, technology outlets, and other guy-friendly gadgetry. So if you are aiming for luxury experience and technology suitable bed there are plenty of modern design choices for your masculine bedroom arrangement.

bed frames guy friendly gadgetry

Image credit: White Interior Design

One of the items that a large percentage of men statistically search for is the flat screen TV in an easily reachable distance in the bedroom. The build-in the bed frame TV screen is becoming an anachronism, but trendy and creative modern designs offer multiple stylish options to have this gadgetry close by in your bedroom rotating frames, hidden wall compartments that open with a remote control, and many more.

tv screens modern mans bedroom

Image credit: White Interior Design

If you don’t like the first thing noticeable in your masculine bedroom arrangement to be the TV there is an option – a TV set safely and stylishly stashed away in the storage area at the foot of the bed, all you need to do is release the set from the storage using the mechanism built into the bed and switch it on to watch a favorite channel, movie, or program.

luxurious mens bedroom decor

Image credit: YoDezeen

Bedroom and Bathroom All in One

If you follow the tendencies and the hottest trends in the word’s design scene, you may have noticed that the combo bedroom – bathroom is a very popular choice for luxury projects in the last years. It’s true; it is a bit of controversial choice- you hate it or love it – but here we will try to explore for you the beautiful angles of such a composition and the ways it can benefit your masculine bedroom project.

bedroom bathroom all in one mans 1

Image credit: PartyDesign Studio

Using vast glass separations is one of the ways to integrate both premises visually and to achieve spaciousness, unusual perspective and visual extension of the bedroom. And if we have to be honest, such a composition always evokes a sense of luxury and artistic touch. It also has certain leisure-time element in it. Soak for a long time in the tub, towel off, roll into bed: doesn’t this have a vacation time feel in it? A feeling of freedom? Wouldn’t you like to try it at home and experienced it often?

bedroom bathroom all in one mans 2

Image credit: PartyDesign Studio

In the artistic project above the element separating this urban bedroom arrangement from the en-suite bathroom and its artful tile mural is a transparent glass wall. It’s a bold detail designed for open-minded people that introduces the visual stylistic of bout premises as one.

hot trend combo bedroom bathroom

Image credit: KAH design

hot trend combo bedroom bathroom 1

Image credit: KAH design

Direct connection in an open plan exposition is another. An architectural arrangement offering around the corner premise for the bathroom is also a possibility. In any occasion, this trend has a certain luxurious and bold feel to it and is definitely not a choice for everyone.

mans bedroom decor

Image credit: Robert Nichol & sons

mans bedroom bathroom all in one

Image credit: Robert Nichol & sons

Wardrobe and Home Office Bedroom Combinations

In modern life dynamics a home office is very often a necessity and integrating that space with your relaxation area is actually quite an apt choice. Some renowned modern designers and stylists actually recommend it. Working in a space that has the best light, decor and the most intimate feel of you can be quite stimulating and creative. And modern dynamics suggests multitasking and multipurpose for many modern homes.

home office modern mans bedroom

Image credit: TuCroquis

This contemporary Man-cave decor composition offers a stylish and comfortable arrangement of the private quarters were, sleeping, relaxing and working can entwine in one intense private experience. Here are some of the design details that you can consider including in your home office to make working there more enjoyable; color selection, material choices and most important – favorable light.

home office bachelor apartment

Image credit: ONG&ONG

bachelor apartment home office

Image credit: ONG&ONG

In color psychology, blue is considered to be a relaxing hue that promotes creativity. Same goes for gray just with the added benefit of warm serenity. Both colors are particularly suited for masculine bedroom arrangement and… added bonus… for a home office. Exploit this coincidence. Paint your study’s walls in a bright shade of blue to imbue it with an energetic vibe, or go for a darker tone, like in this study, to convey bold masculinity. And don’t forget the organic, warm presence of wooden cladding: custom-made structures or furniture is always beneficial for the composition of modern man’s privet quarters.

bedroom studio raca architekci home office

Image credit: Raca Architekci

beds suitable mans taste home office

Image credit: KC Design Studio

Home offices don’t have to be all about work, these conducive spaces are also the best spots to enjoy a quiet afternoon of reading at home. For a study that isn’t ‘all work, and no play’, inject some yesteryear charm with fun retro accessories as a contrast to masculine elements such as sturdy, dark wood furniture with strong lines.

mens bedroom ideas

Image credit: LCGA Design

mens bedroom ideas home office

Image credit: LCGA Design

mens bedroom study wardrobe

Image credit: LCGA Design

People are usually so used to the idea of a wardrobe in the bedroom that they actually except it as a part of the space (like the wall or the door). But let us show you how this furnishing item can be a decorative rather than purely functional element of your bedroom composition. The truth is that a beautiful wardrobe design can transform the appearance of your bedroom, elevating it from ordinary to exceptional.

mens bedroom ideas apartment

Image credit: ST design studio

hot trend combo bedroom wardrobe

Image credit: ST design studio

For most, the walk-in closet is the dream, but let’s face it – how many of us have the space for such an exuberant structure. There are some modern design options that can create a stylish, comfortable and expressive presence of the wardrobe in not less intriguing manner. The see-through doors are one of the options. Like is the case of this small urban apartment with very stylish and dynamic decor. The designers have chosen to keep the frames of the glass doors in the same shade as the rest of the cladding, bringing a continuance to the design.

masculine bedroom wardrobe

Image credit: KC Design Studio

beds suitable mans taste wardrobe

Image credit: LCGA Design

Building a wardrobe that covers the entire vertical length of the wall is another functional idea that can have a unique stylist impact (as well as the very practical side of abundant storage space disguised as part of the architectural shell). Alternating dark surfaces of the wardrobe structure with lighter shelving and details create a dynamic and fresh decor.

modern mans bedroom

Image credit: RIS Interior Design

masculine bedroom decor

Image credit: RIS Interior Design

Sliding doors, mirror, and discreet illuminations are also important details form your wardrobe project. Another possibility for those living in a studio apartment is to turn their wardrobe into a partial wall and use it to separate the living and the bedroom area. A strategically placed wardrobe like this will divide the room into two separate areas and will create a compact storage area.

black wall men bedroom 1

Image credit: MIM Design

masculine bedroom decor wardrobe

Image credit: MIM Design