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Spectacular Hampton Bays House Featuring Green Roof


Creating this multigenerational home in the Hampton Bays the architects form Studio Mapos kept a sensitive eye towards the place rich history (an inspirational oasis for many artist and architects from the last century and a half) and its beautiful natural surroundings.

peconic house studio mapos 1

peconic house studio mapos 2

peconic house studio mapos 14

The housing project shows restraint in shape and texture, fallowing the brief of the owners to live as little imprint on the site as possible. The final result is elegant, modern home, which whole architectural and design arrangement ( not only is beautiful green roof composed from native meadow grasses that blend the project with its surrounding and offer excellent sustainable thermodynamics for the interior) have a strong connection with a natural and organic way of life. The extensive wooden cladding in the interior composed by reclaimed white oak and cedar wood give a warm, organic feel to the elegant and artistic interior composition.

peconic house studio mapos 4

peconic house studio mapos 3

Inspired by the owners favorite modern artists installations (those by Richard Serra and Andy Goldsworthy) the architects created the sequence in which the house reveals itself to guest and visitors: stone wall through the woods and meadow of the site, eventually leading to a crisp line of Corten steel piercing the meadow; and the pure feel of the wooden structures, furniture, and custom made compositions of the interior. The decor arrangement leaves the beautiful materials palette to play a significant role in the composition of the ambiance. Using light and luminous color compositions, elegant and simple furniture structures and maximum openness toward the surrounding gardens the designers created elegant, modern space that invites in its organic embrace.

peconic house studio mapos 16

peconic house studio mapos 17

The kitchen zone is particularly picturesque with its black and white entwinement of colors and defiles. The rich patterns of the graphic tiles (on floor and walls) set the tone and then black granite countertops cover white cupboards and appliances in one artistic and elegant composition. Even the 70’s inspired design of the suspended lamps fallows the color scheme of simple black and white entwinement. Open floor plan exposition connects this dramatic and artistic decor composition of the kitchen with the purity of the luminous living room design. Light wood, white textiles, and pure shapes invite for relaxation and enjoyment – either with some interesting book from the custom-made cubical library or just laying back and observing the panoramic view of the ocean.  Photography by Michael Moran

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