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Natural and Aged Materials Integrated the Quarry House Decor


The modern luxury that contemporary architecture and designers can offer to the word’s scene is sometimes quite intriguing and stylish. Such is the case of this modern home the Quarry House, located in Melbourne and a product of collaboration between Finnis Architects and Carmel Iudica Interior Design.

finnis architects quarry house 12

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The house presents us with intriguing entwinement between warm wood accents and cold gray surfaces, all stylishly framed in black metal details and arranged in double height premises of functional luxury. The thin wooden stripes that adorn the ceiling, the staircase railing, and other visual emphasis locations alternate quite dynamically with the solid gray surfaces (stone, granite, terrazzo coming back in style, or concrete all decided in different shades of trendy gray).

finnis architects quarry house 8

This juxtaposition creates an excellent backdrop for the modern furniture and design arrangement. Including the fragile beauty of the suspended glass balloon-like shaped lamps in the central social area – giving a dramatic focal point to the composition. This kind of stylish juxtaposition can also be noted in the contrast between the dark (gray, charcoal and black) textures and warmer accents – like the mustard yellow cousins, furniture and upholsteries. This contrast creates a dynamic and playful ambiance without living the frame of elegant and luxurious stylistics.

finnis architects quarry house 7

The architectural construct of the house includes different dynamic levels, voids, double heights, unexpected crones, which contributes to the modern lifestyle feel of the home. The first floor with its dissolved barrier between the interior and the exterior hosts the social hart of the home and the open floor plan exposition of kitchen, dining and living spaces. The area framed by sold pillars and intriguing separations made from wooden stripes or glass partitions is stylishly arranged in a modern functional manner.

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Smooth, sleek surfaces below and organic wood in vertical and above create a stylish dynamics further enhanced by the double color palette of the furnishing selection alternating – dark charcoal with warm mustard yellow- a cozy and elegant combination. Rotating floor-to-ceiling windows (framed in trendy, thin, black lines) secure fluid connection with the surrounding gardens, swimming pool area and inner-courtyard. Photos by  Tom Roe Photography.

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