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Green Curved Wall Unifies the Kitchen and Dining Space at Seoul Apartment


Cute, modern apartment in central Seoul, South Korea was reconstructed and reimagined by the Madrid based Daniel Valle Architects into a home with vital and playful character and artistic features.

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Accepting the limitations for reconstructing this early 90’s building structure (the position of the bearing walls gives a very little wiggle room when it comes to spatial transformations) the designers did the best they can with the existing configuration- transforming one of the bedrooms into comfy extension of the living premises and turning the curved walls into a strong focal point, clad in undulated fresh green. Cleverly remodifying the existing features and altering small changes the designers created a dynamic and vital atmosphere with stylish and artistic hints for the limited space of this urban dwelling.

hyehwa house renovation seoul 6

The light pastel green of the cladding enveloping the curved walls gives a fresh and youthful accent to the decor composition. This cladding conceals hidden storage units, bathroom and washroom premises and gives a characteristic (and we may add artful) distinction between the public and the privet areas.

hyehwa house renovation seoul 4

Another focal accent of the daily zones arrangement is the large (according to the designers 3 meters long) dining table that serves dual-purpose dining gathering for family and friends and office corner near the bookshelves. Classic vernacular style chairs and distinctive pattern rug complete this setting in the heart of the apartment.

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At the far end of the social premises the deep blue of the sofa, illuminated by the window, acts as inviting and fresh, vital accent as well. Intriguing tile patterns in the kitchen corner, artful clay objects and trendy lamps design complete the stylish decor project. And although the space is small (a typical example of limited urban dwellings) this does not undermine the youthful, fresh and vibrant decor composition created by the designers.  Photography by Lee Namsun

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