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Hidden Valley Desert House in Cave Creek


If you think that organic and modern are contradictorily style approaches in interior decor, sorry but you are mistaken, and this beautiful Hidden Valley Desert House in Cave Creek (a small town just outside of Phoenix) proves it with its intriguing and memorable architecture and design.

hidden valley desert house 12

hidden valley desert house 4

The pure, modern lines of the home are somehow naturally embraced by its surroundings and fit intriguingly with the cactus desert landscape. Stunning views, close connection with the surrounding mystique of Arizona desert, intriguing furniture shapes, fluid movements and earthly tonality base for the color palette- compose this stylish, modern creation by Wendell Burnette Architects.

hidden valley desert house 13

hidden valley desert house 14

hidden valley desert house 8

The expressive architectural facade (with its shining metal rims) hosts spacious, open premises that entwine in their interior composition strong organic accents (woven bamboo screens, stone structures, and one piece wooden furniture elements) with the flexible and easy going presence of modern furniture pieces and finishing materials. And the whole stylish composition is sprinkled with that mystique spice from the Arizona’s sunsets. We simply love how the pure, modern lines of the house connect with the harsh nature surrounding this unusual home.

hidden valley desert house 1

hidden valley desert house 5

hidden valley desert house 6

Infinity pool, open terraces for quiet enjoinment of the sunsets, elegant entwinement of soft gray and warm textures compose a space of serine and sophisticated atmosphere. The house is a well-balanced project sitting on the middle ground between luxury and warm organic fell. Simplicity and pure emanations are achieved by the designers, using polished concrete masonry walls and intriguing economical materials that are commonly found in America’s desert architecture.

hidden valley desert house 7

Trendy design pieces like the undulated shape of the chars by the fireplace – a signature piece for Ligne Roset collection; add sophisticated luxury and playful modern hint for the design composition. Easy access to the outside surroundings, open terraces, floor-to-ceiling windows are enjoying fully the beautiful views, compose a home that is strongly connected with its surrounding and the purity, and romantic feel of the desert can be felt reflected in the home’s interior composition. Photography is by Bill Timmerman.

hidden valley desert house 2

hidden valley desert house 11

hidden valley desert house 9

hidden valley desert house 3