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Minimalist Apartment in Moscow Renovated by Ruetemple


Creative and artistic oak furniture compositions define zoning and functionalism in this small urban dwelling in Moscow. The architectural studio Ruetemple created an expressive, minimalist and modern decor composition for this small city apartment proving our point that limited urban space is a contemporary challenge that needs to be tackled creatively and with artistic, bold inspiration.

small urban dwelling moscow ruetemple 2

small urban dwelling moscow ruetemple 11

Aiming for one open space with fluid motions the designers ware also inspired to create dynamic and pure space definition and functional zoning. Using floor levels and beautiful oak structures that stand out on the luminous white canvas that forms the base of the interior composition, the designers succeeded to create minimalist yet very definite functional separation of the limited space.

small urban dwelling moscow ruetemple 9

Several impressive craftsmanship pieces of solid oak create the core of the apartment – first a large tabletop located between the kitchen and the bedroom and functioning as a dining table, kitchen worktop and desk all in one give a large and I don’t care if the space is limited vibe. Then, of course, the impressive storage wall with its hidden cabinets and cupboards and artistic facade of horizontal and diagonal shelving. It also plays a double role of concealing the bathroom and wet-closed premises. And last but not least; the pure and almost Asian stylistic of the elevated bed platform and its adjoined cabinetry, complete the geometrical alternation of wood and luminous white surfaces.

small urban dwelling moscow ruetemple 3

small urban dwelling moscow ruetemple 6

In a break from the oak and white-washed surfaces, a grey rendered plastered wall gives an urban and trendy accent for the sleeping area, and it also sets the tone for the gray stone that composes the utilitarian style bathroom. Dynamic, modernly pure and minimalist with a slight rectangular edge the space design of this project is one of the trendy examples of how modern designers solve the urban density problem and the challenge of limited living space. Photography is by Alexander Kudimov

small urban dwelling moscow ruetemple 7

small urban dwelling moscow ruetemple 8

small urban dwelling moscow ruetemple 5

small urban dwelling moscow ruetemple 1