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All-white Residence in Brazil by Barbara Becker Atelier


This elegant, contemporary home created by the Brazilian architects from Barbara Becker Atelier de Arquitetura, is presenting us with intriguing entwinement between contemporary minimalism, classy elegance, and subtitle artistic hint that adds a playful vital note.

house barbara becker atelier de arquitetura 1

house barbara becker atelier de arquitetura 2

Created for clients that have already grown up children the housing project had certain flexibility for arrangement and freedom of expression. Aiming to secure easy-going premises that offer possibility for entertaining friends, hosting interesting guests and enjoying art, the architects used light, modern materials and compositions – exposed contrite structures, organic clear wood furniture and cladding, retro and modernism inspired furniture pieces, all supplemented by artistic and charming tile compositions that introduce unique character and playful note to the house premises.

house barbara becker atelier de arquitetura 3

In accordance with its active social lifestyle, the house is composed of two distinctive volumes, one social and one private, which merge to generate the dynamic rhythm of the whole. Beautiful views toward the city skyline and the surrounding peaceful gardens (and even the romantic sunset view from the meeting area) allow the house inhabitants and their guest to contemplate and experience the connection with the surrounding word in its dynamic variations in privet and chill atmosphere. The overall simplistic and purity of the decor configurations allow this inside-outside word connection to be well balanced and secure.

house barbara becker atelier de arquitetura 4

The main social areas like the kitchen, living and dining room premises – interconnected in open floor plan exposition under the row exposed concrete ceiling – offer expressive and inviting focal point center for the interior decor. In the dining zone, beautiful retro wood stove is laid upon a trendy mini-tile composition of sapphire jewels, and this intriguing composition is supplemented by the organic hardwood table created by a local artisan, creating all together a perfect spot to hang out with friends.

house barbara becker atelier de arquitetura 5

Multiple artistic, stylish and picturesque decor combinations adorn the house; the hallway beauty of minimalist colors – just white and red created by the 70’ts lamp style and the vernacular Brazilian tile composition. Or the exquisite simplicity of the luxurious bathroom. Or the modern oneness of the balconies and garden premises.  Photo: Estudiograma

house barbara becker atelier de arquitetura 6

house barbara becker atelier de arquitetura 7

house barbara becker atelier de arquitetura 8