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Craftworks Transformed a Chapel in London into a Sculptural Family Residence


Living in a church chapel? When your home is a piece of art itself with an added historical and cultural value…Former religious building in London – left to ruins was transformed by Craftworks architectural team into modern, unique and sculpturally expressive family home.

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craftworks chapel london 13

Carefully balancing the historic significance of the former chapel (the building itself was in ruins but creating the new one with cultural references to a place of worship – elevated windows, amazing skylight openings – the architect preserved the spirit and unusual emanation of the place), with contemporary standards of comfort and privacy the architects created unique architectural shell that hosts gracefully the dynamic needs of modern lifestyle.

craftworks chapel london 16

Following the interplay between the story of the original chapel and the contemporary aesthetics the designers created unique form of geometry – particularly in the origami shape of the ceiling and its skylight openings – but also in some of the interior decor detail s- the suspended black timber structure that hosts the staircase exhibits its negative-like projection of the steps shapes – for one.

craftworks chapel london 18

In the main living space the open floor layout, the high ceilings, and the large columns are supplemented by clear-lined geometrical structures – such as the timber-clad kitchen island, the central column that host the contemporarily shaped fireplace or the mezzanine level facade that is an epitome of contrast. Black timber clad base – expressive rim clad in shining brass and luminous white top – that kind of contrasting colors and materials can be observed in different configuration throughout the whole project.

craftworks chapel london 5

This artistic, architectural shell is vitalized and supplemented by intriguing trendy furniture and art pieces. The cute light pink diner chars by the Bouroullec brothers collection introduce soft and elegant dynamic touch. Art paints with a contemporary theme are casually laid against the wall giving an informal yet dynamic configuration to the decoration approach. Overall minimalism in furnishing and color combinations (sans the strong contrast between the luminous white and black structures) gives the spacious place even more freedom and style with unique character.  Photos Edmund Sumner

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