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Golden Bubbles of Various Sizes Floating on a Jewelry Store


It is a small space with only 60 sqm, and there is a big pillar in the middle of it – it’s really a project which requires brainstorming. As both, the designers – AD architecture, and owner hope to make it different with traditional jewelry stores and reflects the owner’s operation principle of a pursuit of fashion, so we intended to design a jewelry store with sensory experience.

jewelry store ad architecture 5

jewelry store ad architecture 1

It makes the design more difficult having a big pillar in the middle of this small space, but the designers cleverly designed floating “flowing bubbles” around the pillar, turning the shortcoming of the space into a bright spot, thus adding life to the bland space.

jewelry store ad architecture 9

The balance between “restrained” and “open,” “dynamic” and “static,” creatively express the quality of the space and arouse customers’ infinite imagination. Of course, what we want is attracting pedestrian’s attention in our own way, and reflecting the value of space in a commercial design. The whole space is harmonious and unified, with quiescent elements like water, and also dynamic elements like bubbles, the relationship between rationality and sensibility are well balanced. The skillful use of mirror extended the spaciousness of the space and also enriched space depth.

jewelry store ad architecture 8

Vertical marble strips unifies the facades and combined with brushed brass in a coherent color tone; therefore the whole space becomes the background of products, presenting numerous exquisite products to customers; both the quality of space and goods are greatly improved. The use of carpet emphasizes the comfort of space and improves safety as well.

jewelry store ad architecture 3

Design Company: AD architecture; Chief Designer: XIE Pei-he; Design Team: XING Han-Qin, ZHOU Qian; Photographer: OUYANG Yun

jewelry store ad architecture 7

jewelry store ad architecture 2

jewelry store ad architecture 4