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Space Casual Recently Renovated Apartment in Bucharest


Apartment located in Bucharest, Romania was wholly renovated by Alexandru Calin, and Georgiana Gogolan to host a young family,  with an attractive location, with absolutely stunning panorama over one of the city biggest and popular parks.

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We liked this connection the first time we entered space, and this was the starting point for the whole design. With our clients we created an affinity from the beginning, they saw some spaces previously arranged by us, so they had full confidence in what we were going to do there.Also, their requirements were extremely simple: a welcoming, bright, lighted colorful space, with generous storage spaces.

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We also had to make room for a study/workplace that should accommodate from time to time guests overnight … this and something green on top, a reminder of the whole outside surroundings. We felt inspired by the warmth of the oak wood and the different white textures, so things ended themselves in a space dominated by integrated dominant pieces of furniture, with a few spots for memories and accents of soul objects brought from various travels.

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The result is a fluid space in which the family shares the joy of being together away from the worries and rumbling of the city life. That is how the permanent communication in the living area, the vestibule – kitchen and the opening to the living room and the conversation area appeared. The furniture pieces wrap the walls, offers generous storage spaces, another theme, corrects the constructional drawbacks of a block apartment, they have different functions and try to give a stylish and colorful correlation in which small decorative pieces are highlighted.

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In the study room the office desk can be folded and becomes an integral piece of furniture, the closet includes a folding bed that turns the room into a bedroom when needed, the kitchen has worktops hidden inside the furniture, etc. The Mind, the Gap vegetal print in the kitchen area, instilled the space and brought the park closer, decorating the dining area. It also captures all the looks from the entrance into the apartment. At the end, it’s a warm, welcoming space with a neutral image, customized by the decor and the colourful elements.

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Interior Architecture: Space Casual, Alexandru Calin, and Georgiana Gogolan; Furniture and fixtures: Mobila Unicat, Nicusor Ciobanu; Lighting fixtures: Arelux, Adrian Rafa; Photo credits: Art Room, Dragos Manea;

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