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Muzha Micro Flat by Phoebe Sayswow Architects


As we have explored in depth in previous articles – the creativity of contemporary designers blossoms in highly populated urban areas and amazing solutions for tiny apartments occur. This project located in Taipei, Taiwan and carried out by Phoebe Sayswow Architects uses the partial double-height of the 33 sqm flat to create dynamic and flexible modern atmosphere that carries the pure and simple stylistic of modern Asian decor compositions.

muzha micro flat 11

The limited livable space is divided into three levels: smooth tile-clad transition between bathroom, dining and kitchen zones leads by two comfy looking stair-benches securing the transition to the living room area. Here warm light wood floors and soft gray modern sofa invite and exude purity and simple stylistics. The dynamic contrast between the luminous white tiles and their muted-pink fugues gives a playful and trendy twist to the whole decor composition.

muzha micro flat 5

muzha micro flat 4

muzha micro flat 3

Custom-made wooden structures give continuity to the decor: functional cabinetry in the kitchen, simplistic bookshelves and movable ladder are connecting the living premises with the secluded third level – bedroom where the wooden structure continues with wardrobes and hidden storage units. This custom-made organic structure not only connects with its materials’ continuity the three levels of the tiny home but also introduces pure and a light fell to the design composition. The overall simplicity and minimalism of the design, the usage of organic materials – wood and ceramics – introduces the Asian simplicity hint in well-arranged modern ambiance.  Photography: Hey!cheese Photography

muzha micro flat 6

muzha micro flat 7

muzha micro flat 2

muzha micro flat 13

muzha micro flat 1

muzha micro flat 9