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In Arch Created Family House in Vilnius with a Help of Natural Materials


This beautiful modern home in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius designed by studio In Arch presents us with intriguing and artistic design solutions, some very trendy materials and furniture design pieces. Entwining black and white with soft accents of gray and wood the design team created a dynamic and modern atmosphere. The amazing floor patterns and mosaics leading into the home, the playful naive art – inspired wall graffiti on the second floor and the combination of comfort and modern in the furniture selection compose a home with expressive character and noteworthy creative decor. Let’s explore!

modern home vilnius in arch 4

The first level of the house hosts the main social areas – kitchen, living and dining rooms-interconnected in open floor plan exposition. Vast sliding doors secure easy connection to the gardens and abundance of natural light for the premises creating a free and spacious feel. The large soft gay curtains covering the glass doors are in tune with the rich gray velvet-like textures of the soft sitting area – a trendy modular sofa in gray and blue, and the modern pattern of the carpet.

modern home vilnius in arch 12

In the far end of the space, a beautiful black wood wall hides the custom made kitchen cabinetry and appliances and together with the geometric simplicity of the kitchen island gives a storm focal accent to the space arrangement. The dining zone is located in a corner-defined space still part of the open floor plan but secluded for privacy and quiet family dinners.

modern home vilnius in arch 1

modern home vilnius in arch 7

Throughout the home, very trendy metal and glass separations and mesh structures give the space composition intriguing hint of urban dynamics. This type of metal-glass composition can be seen everywhere in the home, including in the master bedroom, defining the separation between bathroom and bedroom and introducing intriguing illumination possibilities. On the second floor, the playful child paintings sustained in delicate graffiti style cover the corridor walls leading to the privet quarters.

modern home vilnius in arch 2

The children bedrooms are no exception of the stylish and well-measured design approach of the Interjero Architektura team; here the prevailing luminous and pure whiteness is accentuated by fresh color insertions in light blue and spring green. We particularly love the brick wall with its rich textural accent and blue freshness. The rich materials palette used by the designer, including the custom-made wooden furniture and decor elements and the luxurious feel of the marble additions (just take a look at the gorgeous graphic pattern on the first level foyer floor)- give the home an elegant luxurious feel.

modern home vilnius in arch 3

modern home vilnius in arch 8

modern home vilnius in arch 13

modern home vilnius in arch 11

modern home vilnius in arch 15

modern home vilnius in arch 9

modern home vilnius in arch 18

modern home vilnius in arch 17

modern home vilnius in arch 14