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New Hotel with Modern Design Keep Traditional Elements


This contemporary hotel project in Shanghai combines gracefully the old history of the place as a hostel/chess & card room, the exquisite modern design trends and elegant, subtitle connection with nature and simplicity.

yu hotel shanghai 20

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Natural and trendy materials entwine in artistic combinations – the glass skylight openings illuminate the exposed wooden structures of the ceilings (a nod towards the old history of the guest house) reflect from the shining metal surfaces composing some of the main structures of the hotel communal spaces (like staircase and railing) and finally the brass and copper design details add trendy, glamorous yet historically inspired accents ( the designers share that the mirrors created by iron and bronzes in ancient times were an inspiration for them). The terrazzo floors – a new trend inspired by the rich history of the material, add to the pure and smooth feel of the architectural composition.

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The designers from Shanghai Ben Zhe Architecture Design took a risk and included a small courtyard in Asian stylistics that brings a natural accent into the densely build and populated city landscape and offers fresh retreated to the hotel guests. The hotel has 12 guest rooms, and each one of them has its own name, characteristic decor expression and specific atmosphere – that kind of personality always makes the guest fell special and comfortable at their home away from home. Loft apartments offer dynamic a yet pure design composition where the entwinements of old traditional elements and modern design compositions secure comfort and easy flow. The trendy Neo-Chinese style, with its technique of simplification, was employed to show the connotation of traditional Chinese culture into the artistic and modern design composition of the Yu Hotel.  Photography by: SCHRAN Architectural Photography, Xuanmin Jin

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