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Hexagonally-Shaped Cement Tiles by Juju Papers


Juju Papers is a wallpaper studio located in the beautiful city of Portland. Since 2010 Avery Thatcher, founder of the studio in Oregon, has tried to bring a fresh, not over-wrought or over-thought, gesture to the room. Now she tries to reach this intent with a new material: cement tile.

hexagonally shaped cement tiles juju papers 1

Fruit Salad – handmade tile series, in kaleidoscopic colour, calls for a serendipitous installation method. Thatcher, who had experience in installing tile prior to making her name as a wallpaper designer, wanted to bring the complexity and ornamentation of a handmade mosaic into a room without requiring a complicated installation. Tile installers accustomed to natural stone will recognize her installation technique, which entails selecting and spontaneously rotating each tile’s placement in turn.

hexagonally shaped cement tiles juju papers 4

Tile contours traditionally tend to be symmetrical. I wanted to flip the script and create a design that felt more experimental,’ Thatcher notes. ‘The impromptu installation results in a truly random, scattered, colourful pattern; the warmth of a Persian rug combined with the pigment richness and vibrancy of a Morris Lewis painting.

hexagonally shaped cement tiles juju papers 5

​Made by hand, one at a time in Mexico, the 8”diameter hexagonally-shaped cement tiles sport a billowy, five-colour wave motif. Two colourways – one with white center, one with black – include such sumptuous hues as lilac, persimmon, ocre, blush and military blue. Colours may be customized. A low-energy, no-fire process creates a deliciously washy matt finish.

hexagonally shaped cement tiles juju papers 2