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Open Floor Plan in Trendy Apartment by Redeco


Modern symphony of marble and velvet. Sometimes choosing a strong and expressive material to be the main focal point of the design composition can lead to defining the character and signature impact of the whole design project.

trendy apartment redeco 1

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trendy apartment redeco 18

In the contemporary design scene, there are some very strong projects using brass as a lead material, terrazzo or concrete are trendy choices as well. In the case of this modern apartment design by the Lithuanian designer Vismantė Tubelytė – Redeco studio; the expressive marble cladding and elements composing the kitchen area and the blue velvet of the large and trendy sofas by Ligne Roset, create the main focal centers of the design composition.

trendy apartment redeco 16

trendy apartment redeco 14

Dominated by bluish tonalities the decor balances, in its open floor plan exposition, the warmth of the beige details, wooden flooring and rich textures with the sleek modern feel of the gray-veined marble and the blue velvet. Working in close collaboration with the owners and exploring their needs, priorities and positive emotion triggers the design team composed a welcoming, comfortable and stylishly modern ambiance for a dynamic urban lifestyle.

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trendy apartment redeco 17

The main space of the apartment has multiple very trendy solutions of the interior composition (which we have explored in different articles about upcoming trends and hot design approaches) – the open floor plan exposition and seamless connection between the kitchen, dining and living room zones – for one very functional and spacious solution. The velvet upholstery of the large sofas is also a hot trend in the living room design scene for the last years. And of course the timeless charm and classic beauty of the marble cladding and decor details.

trendy apartment redeco 15

Trendy lamps like the Cinétique floor light by Martin Hirth for Ligne Roset, adorns the whole apartment decor composition and the tables (both the coffee and dining ones) style also deserves special attention. Thin frames and small shining metal elements add to the charm and glamorous feel of the whole design arrangement.  Photo: Leonas Garbačiauskas

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