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Art Studio Space by Topos Design


Invited by the Chinese renovation TV program “Change your life,” Topos Design Clans designed a unique home art studio, which is an art land to making a  life better. The site is a rental apartment with 80 square meters, located in a high-rise building on Fengyang Road, where is the old downtown of Shanghai. Topos Design Clans believes in the philosophy of  Utopia, to create good in the real world. It is a spacious design and renovation of life and art, and also a prototype study of a new lifestyle.

art studio space topos design 1

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Neither Life Nor Art
Seven is a painter, Jackie is his wife. Before getting married, they both had a shepherd dog. The family of four lived in a rented apartment. The painting space occupied every corner of the apartment, full of chaos and dangers. In short, there was neither life nor art in their previous home. Loving and caring for each other, they had different and thoughtful design requirements for the renovation: Seven hopes to provide a warm and friendly living space for Jackie; Jackie wants to offer free and open studio space for Seven. We believe that life and art are actually not conflicts, instead, art can make life elegant and delicate, full of rituals.

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Space as Canvas, Life as Color
Thinking out of the box, we suppose the new living room is an unusual type of space, which is a container of life and art. Regarding colors, a living room is temperately organized with pure black and white. It is like a three-dimensional canvas, with the life as the color on it. The grey ceramic tiles are used for the floor coverings, which are easy to be cleaned, and the original texture feels raw but real.

art studio space topos design 16

There hangs a whole surface of the luminous ceiling, covered with three pieces of full-length PVC membrane. The bright ceiling provides three types of lighting modes, respectively, for painting, exhibition, and living. In the corner space beside the entrance, there is a group of storage cabinets. After investigating the painter’s working behaviors, we categorized his drawing tools in different cabinets according to their sizes and uses. Among the offices, there hides a movable partition with two-meter width, which can be a display wall for a gallery.

art studio space topos design 5

The balcony becomes a mini full functional life center. With plenty of sunlight, Jackie lying on the couch, Seven painting on the canvas, it is just like a fascinating, colorful painting. There are several types of storage cabinets on both sides of the new studio: the pegboard for model kits, the bookcase below the window, and the corner cabinets for large paintings. And furthermore, we customized a multi-functional large table, which is not only for handcrafting but also for dinner parties. On the right side of the entryway,there is a small golden niche, which is for the keys and the dog chains. On the other hand, there is a shoe cabinet, which can be pulled out.

art studio space topos design 12

East, West, Home is Best
In the center of this apartment, there is a golden kennel for two dogs. The main facade of the kennel is an abstract pixelized drawing wall created from the portrait of them. The golden kennel has different sizes of embedded space, not just for the two puppies’ living, but also for placing different sizes of art installations. The corridor continues using the golden plates, which becomes an extension of the gallery. There are three hidden doors in this folding corridor, covering three bright private rooms.

art studio space topos design 9

Green Jungle,Blue Sea,Pink Love
Three private rooms are the essential part of the basic life, better with minimal forms to present. First of all, the theme color of the restroom is jungle green, using green handmade tiles on the wall. The pink toilet becomes a bright spot in this poky space. Secondary, the theme color of the kitchen is lake blue to various degrees. The yellow cushions and the yellow lamp make a perfect dating place. The last but not least, the bedroom is decorated with the pink painting on the wall, with two windows facing east and south. Seven’s picture of pink on the wall, the bedroom is full of romance and love.

art studio space topos design 7

art studio space topos design 19

The Future is Pink
Seven said: “The future is pink, and pink is love.” Our graphic designer Suzy designed a pink household logo, displayed by projecting a shadow on the wall.7 is Seven’s lucky number, 11 is Jackie’s nickname, and this becomes the manifesto of their love. At the end of this TV program, the design team decided to sponsor a private art exhibition for Seven and Jackie. When Seven’s paintings were appreciated and complimented, Jackie was so happy and excited. At that moment, the humanity and the warmth were shining in their new home. Life is hard, but we never forget dreams and loves. The meaning of design is to make life better.  Photographer: CreatAR Images (AI Qing,WU Jianquan)

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