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L.A. Villa by N+P Arkitektur Contrasts Cedar with Brickwork


Beautiful simplicity and crispness of lines and textures this contemporary house project in Højbjerg, Denmark entwines multicolored brick construct, word, and concrete with slim lines from metal and glass into a clear-lined cubical composition. Playing with voids and solids the architects from N+P Arkitektur composed beautiful modern home with spacious and luminous ambiance.

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The beauty and purity of the Scandinavian style design transfers from the intriguing architectural shell into the organic interior decor composition. An abundance of natural elements – wooden furniture and flooring, ceramic accents and brick constructs, metal frames and details – overall simplicity and luminosity of composition, this is truly one elegant and artistic modern home.

n plus p la villa denmark 9

The main living premises unites in one open floor composition the kitchen, dining zone, and the living room space, although the kitchen is hidden from the main flow behind an architectural corner formed by the white cube-like space separating living room and corridor-like formations. The kitchen and dining room are sustained in the typical for the whole design white luminosity and purity of line with a slightly stronger modernistic hint. Strong focal accent comes from the dynamic black and white flooring pattern of the rug; similar rugs are present in other places of the decor creating a strong unifying thread.

n plus p la villa denmark 7

Modern art pieces and metal design furniture elements introduce another dynamic hint with a modernistic inclination to the tranquil decor composition. The metal accents in the materials palette ( met in furniture pieces, lamps’ design and architectural construct framing alike) are balanced by strong organic hints adorning the place – like the pure lines of the wooden furniture and cladding, the beautiful focal point of the fireplace in the center of the living space that reminiscent, with its pure rectangular shape and colorful brick alternation, the overall aesthetic of the architectural shell of the house or the soft textural accents of the rugs and upholstered furniture. Simple yet dynamic and modern with memorable architectural composition and artistic inspiration for the interior – contemporary Scandinavian home.

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