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Small Studio Apartment Design by Dizu


Ingenious space distribution, cute and characteristic decor elements, inspired color and materials selection and very clever approach towards limited living space this is the inspired project “home for him” by the Lithuanian studio Dizu. Proving that the challenge of modern lifestyle and restricted urban living spaces can be a great motivator for creative and innovative design approach the designers used their signature inspiration from the Scandinavian simplicity and purity of expression to create this very welcoming, cozy and full of a character home.

limited living space dizu 1

limited living space dizu 5

limited living space dizu 2

The small apartment offers multiple intriguing design solutions showing attention towards the detail and fresh and dynamic style choices. The exposed concrete ceiling slabs and polished concrete floors create a dynamic and trendy urban shell for the rest of the artistic and softer design combinations. Expressive color accents, mainly in different shades of blue – including the wall behind the piano, the retro-inspired living room furniture bench and the bedroom niche deep accent – create specific focal point centers that draw the line of sight throughout the untypical layout of the apartment. Single space, divided by niches, flexible corners and in the case of the bedroom premise by heavy textural curtains- this is the designer’s choice for this urban dwelling arrangement creating spaciousness and fluid movement for the restrained premises.

limited living space dizu 6

The cute piano corner with its romantic and artistic implications is bringing classic hint into the modern decor composition and together with the rich, blue velvet upholstery of the sofa creates a certain bohemian spirit for space. Multiple, custom-made structures – from the small details like the metal book-shelf above the piano to larger compositions like the wardrobe and storage units, the entrance or the expressive wooden elements of the kitchen corner – add to the specific charm and attention towards the detail – orientated approach of this apartment’s design. The apartment’s design combines in an unexpected and fresh way the modern urban stylistics, the simplicity and artful elegance of the Scandinavian-style noble materials and a hint of artistic bohemian charm – definitely a project with character and individuality.  Photo credits: Leonas Garbačauskas

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limited living space dizu 8

limited living space dizu 4

limited living space dizu 3