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Flexibility and Comfort in Limited Urban Dwelling


Light urban dwellings with luminous color selections and aim for spacious, open arrangement are quite popular with designers around the globe, nowadays. In the busy, overly crowded and sometimes quite dirty urban life the tranquil serenity of the home is a much-needed refuge. So many contemporary designers search for natural light, noble materials palette, light colors and simple, elegant shapes.

lang benedek maisonette 19

lang benedek maisonette kitchen 17

lang benedek maisonette white kitchen 18

This is the case with the refurbishing of this maisonette in Dúbravka, Slovakia carried out by Lang Benedek Architects. The spacious double height of the central premise is underlined by large airy curtains in creamy beige that match the vertical silhouette of the balcony railing, the vertical stripes in front of the second level window and the woodwork paneling of the custom-made storage units near the entrance, create strong depth accent in the vertical color exposition.

lang benedek maisonette dining room 12

In the open plan composition of the main social areas, the designers used colors, custom-made structures, and rhythm of geometrical shapes that create the illusory but still very expressive borders between the premises. The white rectangular smoothness of the kitchen zone – with its tailor-made monochromatic surfaces geometrically broken down by dark gaps – is juxtaposed to the two darker centers in both crones of the living space. The oblong shape of the dining set is replicated by the black metal fluid circle of the trendy lamp forming one of the two darker accents and the soft, inviting modular sitting zone with its deep color forms the second. Enhancing the balance, on the walls of both ends decor elements in deep blue accentuate the multiple centers of the space arrangement; an artistically treated TV cabinet and a painting on the opposite wall- both pieces by Patricia Koyšová.

lang benedek maisonette white kitchen 15

Above this dynamics and yet spacious and light composition a cozy library, reading zone is formed around the balcony of the second level. The pure stylistic of the wooden elements, including the beautiful custom-made library, envelop the space in the tranquil and light atmosphere. Throughout the home, trendy design lamps and lighting installations match the modernistic shapes of some of the furniture pieces and enhance the bright contemporary atmosphere of this urbane dwelling.  Photography Studio Flusser

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