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Technē Announce Furniture Collaboration with Grazia & Co


Bespoke design company Technē Architecture + Interior Design has joined forces with Grazia & Co to launch a new furniture range, The Collaborative The collection, marking Technē’s first foray into furniture design.

techne furniture collaboration grazia and co 2

The two leading Melbourne-based firms have produced the Technē Shelves, a durable yet refined selection of shelving products, including a tall shelving unit, medium-sized sideboard and side tables. Grazia & Co is a high-end Australian-made and owned furniture brand, often partnering with similar brands to create tailored products for an engaged and design conscious consumer. Priding themselves on artistic partnerships to design and manufacture curated furniture, Grazia & Co is a natural partner for Technē who enrich the human experience through considered design.

techne furniture collaboration grazia and co 8

Technē Architecture + Interior Design director Nick Travers is excited to be working with another local firm to produce the exclusive furniture range. “Grazia & Co is highly regarded as a furniture manufacturer, and we are thrilled to have the Technē Shelves become part of The Collaborative Collection,” says Travers.

techne furniture collaboration grazia and co 7

Combining playfulness with the contrasting elements of transparency and fortitude, the shelves allow elements of Australian craftsmanship to serve a practical objective, particularly with the lack of storage available in newer apartments. Grazia & Co founder Grazia Materia is drawn to Technē’s love of vibrant Australian design and desire to enhance human experiences. “Technē has made a notable contribution to architecture and design, particularly in Melbourne, so it’s great to collaborate with a like-minded firm and help bring their vision to life in the form of furniture,” says Materia. This collaboration demonstrates Technē’s ability to articulate design and craft beyond their traditional modalities.

techne furniture collaboration grazia and co 6

“We have already made a significant contribution to interiors and architecture in Australia and are excited to add another layer to our portfolio,” says Travers. “The Collaborative Collection has enabled Technē to apply their vast knowledge of architecture and interior design to product design, further exploring the Technē ethos of craftsmanship,” he continues. Technē maintains a commitment to crafting unique, well-informed spaces and the Technē Shelves range is an embodiment of the design practice’s ethos. Each piece is designed to serve a functional and aesthetic purpose without the need to be positioned against a wall.

techne furniture collaboration grazia and co 5

“We have used refined steel frames to develop the structure of the shelves and steer the product in an industrial direction while maintaining a sense of delicacy with the use of screens,” says Travers. “The designs reflect Technē’s desire to present vibrancy and form through geometry and although solid products, they still allow light to flow via the perforated skin,” he says. The products are available in a range of colors and allow for customization with the optional addition of stone or timber inserts. The Technē Shelves are available to order now from Grazia & Co.

techne furniture collaboration grazia and co 4

techne furniture collaboration grazia and co 3