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COR New 2018/19 Catalog


Three individual catalogues refresh the appetite for seating furniture from COR. How comfortable is it to live with? Discover the complete collection with the most beautiful impressions for the 2018/19 living year.

cor mell lounge sofa easychair 4

cor sting table marble 18

cor mell lounge sofa easychair 2

cor mell lounge sofa easychair 3

On around 300 pages, the premium brand invites readers to a rendezvous with the latest complete collection: The new 2018/19 catalog production is designed to arouse curiosity and convey living pleasure in three individual volumes dedicated to the product categories chairs and tables, sofas and comfortable chairs, as well as the design classic Conseta. “Each catalog forms a self-contained world in which we showcase typical characteristics of selected models and their configuration options very emotionally,” explains marketing director Berthold Strüve.

cor cordia lounge

cor bond mobile sidetable 16

cor cordia 1

cor cordia

“The art is to constantly develop new perspectives that bring the observer as close as possible to the furniture.” The visual language developed for this purpose evolves new aspects and focuses on interesting, often surprising details. Each individual spotlight on the obvious strengths of the brand – design, quality, material, workmanship – works like a kaleidoscope: Each page turned over creates a new, significant impression, which in turn remains consistent with the overall brand image. The creatives Rudi Schmutz (photography), Juliane Bennien and Irina Graewe (styling) and Anabelle Lyhs (design) made sure that this feat was a success. On 15 June, the three new catalogs will be available in a total print run of 60,000 hot off the press, and they will also be available as PDF files at COR.

cor trio sofa drop pouf 17

cor trio sofa drop pouf 7

cor trio sofa drop pouf 22

cor trio sofa drop pouf 1

Communication mix: print and digital
“We monitor the online sector closely and devote around a quarter of our media budget to it,” says Berthold Strüve. “The majority is reserved for advertising campaigns and supplements in sophisticated print media, with lifestyle-oriented magazines and special interest titles being the main publications in 2018/19.” These include S – the new magazine from SPIEGEL and Z, the lifestyle magazine of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, as well as FAZ Magazin. Various motif campaigns communicate newly launched models such as the downy-soft sofa Moss or the brand’s expertise in the processing of high-quality materials (fabrics and leather) in Conseta and Mell Lounge. “The product is the hero, nothing has changed about that,” says Strüve. The flyer, which is also produced twice a year and has a single circulation of 1.3 million, is distributed through the trade, mainly with Sunday newspapers and high-quality home design magazines in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

cor delta table mell bench jalis chairs 9

cor delta table mell bench jalis chairs 5

cor delta table mell bench jalis chairs 8

Reaching mobile people by mobile means
In line with the media use of younger target groups, COR concentrates its digital marketing activities on electronic media from Gruner & Jahr Verlag, the real estate portal Scout24 or, for example, the vtwonen.nl platform in the Netherlands. Mobile and media-compatible content count, with billboards, sliders, banners, content and newsletter ads as well as native advertorials being employed. Social media channels are used selectively, as Berthold Strüve comments: “Our current campaigns on Facebook and Instagram will be further expanded, depending on positive results.”

cor bridge

COR Catalogues 2018/19; Design: Factor; Photography: Rudolf Schmutz; Styling: Juliane Bennien, Irina Graewe

cor sting table marble 19